VP Bank enters bourse, new billionaires appear

VietNamNet Bridge – Five VP Bank shareholders were added to the list of the 20 richest stock billionaires after VP Bank entered the bourse several days ago. 

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Meanwhile, Truong Gia Binh from FPT Group and Nguyen Duy Hung from SSI have been excluded from the list.

With the current price of VND39,000 per share, five big shareholders of VP Bank have joined the group of the richest stock billionaires with assets of trillions of dong each.

Ngo Chi Dung, chair of the board of directors, who is holding 70 million shares, has stock assets of VND2.74 trillion. His wife, Hoang Anh Minh, has VND2.65 trillion with 68 million shares.

Dung and his family members have VND8 trillion worth of stock assets.

Kim Ngoc Cam Ly, the wife of Bui Hai Quan, deputy chair of VP Bank, has become one of the richest women in the stock market with 66.3 million shares, worth VND2.587 trillion. Quan has fewer shares than his wife, 35.78 million, worth VND1.395 trillion.

Ly Thi Thu Ha, the mother of Lo Bang Giang, a manager of VP Bank, now holds 64.57 million VP Bank shares, valued at VND2.518 trillion. Giang’s wife, with 46.54 million shares, has VND1.815 trillion. The amount of shares held by Giang is lower than his wife’s and mother’s, nearly 2 million.

The families of Ngo Chi Dung, Bui Hai Quan and Lo Bang Giang have been added to the list of the richest families in the Vietnamese stock market.

Truong Gia Binh, president of FPT, the largest Vietnamese information technology group, and Nguyen Duy Hung, president of SSI securities, are no longer among the 20 richest billionaires.

The bounce back of the stock market in recent months has helped many shares regain their positions. The shares of steel manufacturers have unexpectedly become hot, increasing the stock assets of Tran Dinh Long and Le Phuoc Vu.

Five VP Bank shareholders were added to the list of the 20 richest stock billionaires after VP Bank entered the bourse several days ago. 

HPG shares of the Hoa Phat Group, where Long is president, climbed to the highest peak in history to VND34,000. With 380 million HPG, Long now has VND13 trillion.

With assets, Long has become much richer than he was in the past. However, he has not retained the second position in the list of richest stock billionaires because of the appearance of new faces. 

Long is now in the fourth position on the list, after Pham Nhat Vuong, president of Vingroup, Trinh Van Quyet, president of FLC, and Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao of Vietjet Air. 

Le Phuoc Vu’s HSG shares have also bounced back in price. Vu sold nearly 10 million shares at the peak price of VND32,000 per share and then bought shares when the price decreased to VND26,000.



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