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The US, the EU and Japan remained traditional markets, accounting for a large share of total handicraft export turnover. In addition, enterprises in the handicraft sector were focusing on exploiting new markets such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS). Vietcraft General Secretary Le Ba Ngoc said that BRICS countries have strongly developed in recent years and this block would create a potential market of the handicraft sector. Furthermore, thanks to favorable geographical location, Vietnam has strengths for market research and transport (except for Brazil and South Africa). Vietnam reached an export turnover of about US$100 million in furniture products to the Chinese market and shoes to the Russian market. Ngoc also added that orders from China and Japan have strongly shifted to Vietnam, offering good opportunity for the handicraft sector to achieve its export turnover target of US$1.6 billion in 2014. To promote advantages and increase export turnover, Ngoc recommended that small scale enterprises should focus on mid-market segment in accordance with its production capacity, raw materials and skilled workers. In addition, expanding the market and improving the competitiveness are needed. “To promote exports to the BRICS block, in August, Vietcraft will send delegations to Brazil to learn for experience,” Ngoc was quoted as saying. According to Hanoi Industry Promotion Centre Director Hoang Xuan Thuy, Vietnamese businesses should register the copyright, contributing to protecting their design and avoiding replication.... [read more]

Former Miss Vietnam titleholders celebrated at a reunion in Hanoi and had a great time doing it as they presented the latest fashions of designers Anh Thu and Tien Loi in honour of the occasion. Designers Tien Loi (rightmost) and Anh Thu (leftmost) (L-R) Nguyen Thu Thuy, Tran Bao Ngoc, Ngo Thu Trang, Pham Thu Huyen, Do Van Anh, and Tran Bao Ngoc Nguyen Thu Thuy, Miss Vietnam 1994 To Huong Lan, Miss Vietnam 1994 runner-up Tran Bao Ngoc Tran Hoang Xuan Thuy Hang Do Van Anh Ngo Thu Trang Nguyen Quynh Nga Pham Thu Huyen Mai Thanh Huyen Fashion designer Anh Thu Supermodel Bao Ngoc VOV... [read more]

HA NOI (VNS)- Handicraft orders from China and Japan have shifted to Viet Nam, offering a good opportunity for the domestic handicraft sector to achieve its export target of US$1.6 billion in 2014. The Viet Nam Handicraft Exporters Association (Vietcraft) General Secretary Le Ba Ngoc attributed this trend to foreign importers increasing their trust in the quality of Vietnamese handicrafts. In recent years, many handicraft producers have focused on middle and high-end market segments, resulting in big changes in the quality of their products as well as the positioning of Vietnamese handicrafts on the world market, Ngoc said. Vietcraft's statistics revealed that the export value of handicraft products reached nearly US$900 million over the first half of this year, up 10 per cent against the same period last year. Besides exports to traditional markets such as the US, Japan and EU, Ngoc said, enterprises in the handicraft sector were told to exploit opportunities in the five countries in the BRICS bloc - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. He described the bloc as a potential market for the handicraft sector thanks to the favourable geographical location. Except for Brazil and South Africa, Viet Nam has strengths for market research and transport for the bloc's three remaining countries. In order to archive higher export turnover, Ngoc suggested that small scale enterprises strive to capture the mid-market segment in accordance with its production capacity, raw materials and skilled workers rather than the cheap segment. Sharpening competition and expanding co-operation channels were…... [read more]

(VEN) - Cao Bang Province currently has more than 1,600 rural industrial production facilities. According to Cao Bang Department of Industry and Trade Deputy Director Hoang Xuan Thuy, industry promotion activities have significantly contributed to the development of rural industrial production facilities. Production value increases In the 2006-2012 period, Cao Bang paid much attention to implementing industry promotion tasks. The province developed many projects to provide rural industrial businesses with vocational training or helped them build technical demonstration models and use modern machinery and equipment in production. Through industry promotion activities, the province has encouraged rural industrial businesses to develop, contributing to boosting socioeconomic development in the locality. Rural industrial facilities have created stable jobs for local people. The number of people working at rural industrial facilities has increased by 5.9 percent annually from 6,016 in 2006 to 8,181 in 2012. The import, export value of agricultural, forest and aquatic products has grown year on year. Notably, thanks to industry promotion efforts, the rural industrial production value increased by 5.85 percent annually from VND389 billion to VND560 billion from 2006-2012. Clearly, industry promotion activities have encouraged rural industries in Cao Bang Province to develop, raising local worker incomes, gradually improving the rural face of Cao Bang. Rural industrial businesses have contributed to accelerating the restructuring of the local economy as well as the local workforce in positive ways, eradicating hunger and reducing poverty, and ensuring social security in the province. However, according to Hoang Xuan Thuy, the provincial industrial and…... [read more]

(VEN) - Vietnam Economic News' Bui Viet spoke with Hoang Xuan Thuy, Director of the Hanoi Industrial Development Consultancy and Promotion Center. In the first six months of 2013 Hanoi developed industry promotion activities on schedule and based on a list of projects which have been approved by the municipal Department of Industry and Trade. The Hanoi Industrial Development Consultancy and Promotion Center has seriously implemented Governmental Decree 45/2012/ND-CP dated May 21, 2012 regarding industry promotion activities. Specifically, the center has launched a handicraft design contest and provided assistance for 10 handicraft businesses to take part in the Lifestyle Vietnam 2013 fair in Ho Chi Minh City. Through the fair, these businesses signed 90 memorandums of understanding with foreign importers. The center also organized seven training courses to disseminate Decree 45/ND-CP among the officials of Hanoi's districts and towns. It implemented about 50 contracts, providing consultancy and supervision services for industrial projects in Hanoi. In addition, the center provided consultancy for two communes in Quoc Oai District to make plans for building new rural areas. What has the center done to support craft villages? Currently, 1,350 craft villages are operational in Hanoi, of which nearly 300 have been recognized as traditional craft villages. Craft villages are considered as an advantage of Hanoi. In the first six months of 2013, while Hanoi's total export value inconsiderably increased compared with the same period last year, the export value of handicrafts made in craft villages grew over 15 percent. Aware of the important…... [read more]

(VEN) - Hanoi's Industrial Development and Consultancy Center (HIDCC)'s Hoang Xuan Thuy said the organization had recently organized a conference to implement the annual key plan of every village every craft policy. The goal of every village every craft The center has achieved encouraging results in industrial promotion last year, particularly craft training and management support for businesses and manufacturing facilities. According to this year's plan, the center will continue to focus on craft training for 90 villages across the city have (35 trainees each village) and20 craft training courses for traditional craft villages, creating about 8,000 jobs for rural craft workers. According to Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade Dao Thu Vinh, from 8,000-10,000 jobs will be offered for rural workers as part of annual industrial promotion programs, with a view to increase the average income per capita for rural industrial workers to about VND1.8 million by 2015, narrowing the gap between urban and rural incomes, and increasing the number of Hanoi's craft villages to 1,700. According to Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade Dao Thu Vinh, Hanoi will select a number of potential craft villages and facilities to receive intensive investment and support rural industrial business to expand production and development via investment and training plans. It will also focus on craft villages in new rural areas and expand craft export markets. "Craft training should be increasingly enhanced in terms of the quality and meet market needs. About 90 percent…... [read more]

(VEN) - Hanoi's Industry Promotion Center will support local craft villages in terms of promoting trade, improving the quality of human resources, and piloting innovative production technology. The city's craft villages have contributed significantly to its development of economy and culture. "However, most of these villages, especially hundred-year-old villages, are faced by troubles in production facilities and finding consumer markets," Deputy Director of Hanoi's Department of Industry and Trade Dao Thu Vinh said. To support these villages, the city's authorities decided on a plan to support the local industrial promotion last year, and the city's Industrial Promotion and Development Consultancy Center (IPDCC) has immediately deployed the plan with a view to supporting these craft villages in terms of production and trading activities. Specifically, it successfully held the Gift Fair Hanoi 2012, providing a good opportunity for the local craft villagers to introduce their products. According to statistics, companies participating in the fair signed contracts worth of US$3 million and the total value of retail sales reaching more than VND4 billion. In addition, the center also supported nearly 50 craft companies to participate in trade fairs at home and abroad, with about 80 percent of enterprises finding new customers and 60 percent of businesses securing contracts worth thousands of dollars. IPDCC also offered handicraft training courses for villagers in 50 agricultural villages within the city, making the first step toward forming crafts in these villages, partly contributing to the economic structural change in the city. According to IPDCC Director Hoang Xuan Thuy,…... [read more]

(CPV) - Recently, the Cat Hai district Steering Committee on Mobilizing Voluntary Blood Donation in collaboration with the Central Blood Transfusion and Hematology Institute held a meeting with registered blood donors in Cat Hai district, Hai Phong City. The meeting was attended by comrades Vu Thi Kim Bich, Vice Chairman of Cat Hai district People's Committee and Head of Cat Hai district Steering Committee on Mobilizing Voluntary Blood Donation; Doctor Pham Van Hoang, Director of Cat Hai hospital; Master Ngo Manh Quan, Dean of Mobilizing and Blood Donation; the Central Blood Transfusion and Hematology Institute and nearly 40 persons chosen to represent the district's registered blood donors. Registered blood donors in Cat Hai district are determined to fulfil their responsibility. They all have a desire to contribute their small efforts, giving the hope of life for patients. "Whenever blood is needed, I will be willing to be the first one to donate blood, along with other donors," said Hoang Xuan Thuy, Vice Chairman of Cat Ba town People's Committee. Addressing the conference, Ms. Vu Thi Kim Bich highlighted: "Organizing willing blood donors is an effective measure to address the need, as well as the political mission of the district, creating security and trust for tourists and people in the district." Bich also suggested that agencies in the area continue to propagate blood donation and regularly add to the list of available blood donors.Also at the conference, Dr. Pham Van Hoang, Director of Cat Ba Hospital, introduced the process of taking…... [read more]

(VEN) - Within the framework of the industry promotion program, Hanoi launched a handicraft design contest in hopes to develop craft villages in the city.Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade show that there are 1,350 craft villages with 40,000 production factories in the city providing over 100,000 rural jobs. Exports by craft villages have brought in several trillion dong in revenue annually and have established a niche in markets such as Japan, the US and European Union countries. However, the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade said that many craft villages, particularly export handicraft villages, have come to a standstill due to insufficient export orders and insufficient craftsmen. For example, over 50 percent of production factories in the Phu Vinh export bamboo and rattan craft village in Chuong My District have been closed or have reduced production. Due to insufficient jobs, craftspeople in the Tu Van embroidery village in Thuong Tin District have left their home for a job in other places. Vietnam Handicraft and Gift Export Association Deputy Chairman Le Ba Ngoc said that apart from external reasons such as the decline in export markets and increased production costs, poor designs are a major problem for craft villages. He attributed the recession of handicraft villages in the city to insufficient investment in new models. Craft villages have mostly made old-fashioned products or made articles upon customers' request, rather than renew their designs. Craft villages have also been neglectful of the need to understand the market and the demand, which…... [read more]

The People's Supreme Procuracy is to press charges against two of its officials for allegedly accepting bribes in a smuggling case last September.... [read more]

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