Around 600 business conditions to be cut

NDO – It is expected that about 464-612 business conditions, equivalent to an estimated 38.15% to 50.3% of the total business conditions, will be cut in the near future, according to the Minister of Industry and Trade (MOIT) Tran Tuan Anh at a meeting on September 15.

According to the report of Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT)’s units on administrative reform, as of September 12, the whole industry and trade sector has an estimated 1,216 business conditions that will prevent the mobilization of resources and production.

The MOIT’s units proposed two options. According to the first option, 464 conditions, equivalent to 38.15% of total business conditions, will be cut. Among them, the food business sector will cut 180 out of 350 conditions.

The MOIT’s second option is the proposal to cut 612 business conditions, equivalent to a reduction of 50.3% in total business conditions for 17 sectors, in particular, the food business sector. The number of proposed reductions is 331 out of 350 business conditions.

The 17 proposed business sectors include: petrol; gas; explosive pre-substance; chemistry; alcohol; cigarette; food; electricity; temporary import for re-export of frozen food; franchising; logistics; industrial precursors; commodity exchange; commercial inspection; multilevel; ecommerce; Industrial explosive materials (including disposal operations).

Based on the feasibility of the options and the actual conditions in Vietnam, the MOIT’s units will implement both options simultaneously.

Minister Tran Tuan Anh asked the units to immediately review the effectiveness of abolishing procedures and business conditions in past times. From the specific evaluation of the achieved results, the units should quickly review areas under their management to continue removing the business conditions and administrative procedures on the basis of retaining the necessary conditions and moving toward the objective of transforming from pre-check to post- check. All that can be cut should be cut immediately and it should introduce appropriate solutions to what cannot be cut directly.

The units will have a report on the results which will be submitted to Minister Tran Tuan Anh to consider the decision on September 21.

The administrative reform, the abolition of procedures and business conditions is the contribution of the MOIT effort in removing difficulties for enterprises.

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