TH School beats drum for new school year

TH School system under locally-owned TH Group, famous for its TH true MILK brand, has officially begun the new 2017-2018 school year today.

TH School beats drum for new school year
TH School is kicking off the new year with a bang

The opening ceremony of the school year was organised in Hanoi on the morning of September 5, 2017 in a cozy and ebullient atmosphere, with many activities in the first TH-branded school.

Based on Chua Boc Street of Hanoi, the school covers nearly 20,000 square metres, including a well-equipped system of playground, swimming pool, labs, and gyms.

The school includes 17 classrooms for 340 pre-school pupils, 25 classrooms for 625 primary-school pupils, 24 classrooms for 600 secondary-school pupils, and 21 classrooms for 525 high-school students.

Established in 2016, the TH School system, which is aimed to bring up international-standard pupils right in Vietnam, has taken the lead in applying international education and training programmes, such as IPC, IMYC, and AS/A Levels. These programmes have been widely used by many international-level schools.

The school is using Cambridge-standard English-language curricula that is successfully applied worldwide for multi-millions of students.

TH School beats drum for new school year
The first drumbeat of the year

At the 2017-2018 school year’s opening ceremony, Pete Kenedy, principal of the TH School system, and Le Hong Thuy, chairwoman of TH School Students’ Council, struck the first drumbeat to announce the beginning of the new school year.

After one year of operation, TH School’s teachers and pupils have reached many achievements. They have become familiar with advanced educational and training methods and technologies.

The students have passed the system’s IGCSE examination within a single year, with impressive results to boot: 75 per cent of the students scored A+ in math, 57 per cent reached A+ in chemistry, and 46 per cent got an A+ in physics.

TH School beats drum for new school year
Celebrating last year’s excellent achievements to prepare for the new challenges

The students have also hit the average IELTS score of 6-7.5, reflecting their good English skills. The students will be granted international certificates after graduation. The certificates are valid across the world.

Following its vision, TH Group will expand its school system to construct universities and colleges throughout Vietnam.

By Thanh Tung

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