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Based on the reality and experience of the reform process, as well as the requirements of the new stage, international trends and prospects for our country, the theoretical think tank circle of our country should focus their research on the following key issues: Firstly, creatively applying and developing Marxist-Leninism, HoChiMinh ideology on socialism in the current era in which globalization and international integration are the main stream. Secondly, promoting theoretical studies and review the practice of developing a socialist-oriented market economy, of which importance is given to market factors and types of productivity, business entities and the self-motivated stance of enterprises in the market economy. In addition, promoting various types of markets, building institutions of a market economy in line with requirements of active international economic integration. Thirdly, studying political and social theoretical matters, social policies and management, of which the focal point is to make the power-holding Communist Party strong and transparent, building the socialist State of Law of the people, for the people and by the people, practicing democracy in daily life, promoting the mastership of the people, strengthening the democratic, unified and consensual relationship in society and continuing to build the great national unity. Fourthly, studying Vietnamese culture and people, in order to make culture a solid spiritual foundation of society. Considering human development as both an objective and driving force of renovation and socialism. Giving special attention to the clarification of the idea of ameliorating the education services, fostering morality, personality and life style for the…... [read more]

Construction of the Deo Ca project is expected to start in September, 2012 and it is scheduled to complete within four years - Nghiem Sy Minh Deo Ca Investment Joint Stock Company (DCIC) management board chairman Nguyen Chung ( [read more]

In the effort to give you more and more about Vietnam Tourism development, we try our best to uprade the content as well as the layout of official websites of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.Beside, focus on VNAT's activities, central and provincial state policy on tourism developement. Also, several topics will be discussed among tourist specialists and tourists themselves.... [read more]

Prime Minister Phan Van Khai on Thursday called on schools nationwide to accelerate reforms on the general training programme, saying they should have a healthy and comprehensive educational environment, providing not only knowledge but giving vocational orientations and building up personalities for students as well. Addressing the Tran Phu High School's orientation in northern Vinh Phuc province, the Prime Minister instructed the education sector to ensure educational equality, build up a strong contingent of teachers and education managers in terms of quantity and quality, and successfully implement the textbook reform programme. He reiterated that the Party, State and people always pay special attention to the cause of education development, considering it one of the top national priorities in the country's socio-economic and cultural development. (source:, Sept.5.2003)... [read more]

Prime Minister Phan Van Khai on April 1, the second day of the government's monthly meeting, said that the whole country should concentrate on developing the macro-economy, stabilising prices and foreign exchange rates, promoting investment in infrastructure construction and accelerating exports. He pointed out advantages and disadvantages in socio-economic development in the second quarter of this year, particularly difficulties caused by the war in Iraq. The country needs to mobilise capital from the people and enterprises, disburse official development assistance (ODA) capital and create favourable conditions for foreign entrepreneurs to invest in Vietnam, the government leader stressed. He expressed his satisfaction at the fact that investment capital poured into the country has not been reduced despite impacts of the war in Iraq. Management should be focused on promoting investment in infrastructure construction, Prime Minister Khai said, adding prices of some items saw increases but the average price will be kept stable. The recent reductions in post and telecom charges were made in line with Vietnam's commitments to international and regional integration, the prime minister said. The government noted that there were still many challenges ahead for the country in implementing tasks for 2003. The country obtained a GDP growth rate of 6.9% in the first quarter, which is 0.4% higher than the correspondent period last year but 0.5% lower than last quarter and lower than the plan. The government members commented on the government's report on socio-economic development in March and the first quarter of 2003. In the first quarter,…... [read more]

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh has stressed that the staff of Nhan Dan newspaper, the voice of the Party, State and people of Vietnam, should make greater efforts to promote the role of a pacesetter in the political and ideological front. He said this while visiting Nhan Dan newspaper in Hanoi on March 28. Editor-in-chief Dinh The Huynh reported to Party leader Nong Duc Manh the efforts of Nhan Dan newspaper in implementing political tasks and strengthening working capability. After two years of implementing the resolution of the Ninth Party Congress and under the close leadership of the Politburo and the Party Secretariat, together with the effective co-operation and support from agencies, sectors, organisations and readers, the editorial board and staff of Nhan Dan newspaper have seen significant achievements in improving the quality of different publications and fulfilling the function of a central organ of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the voice of the Party, State and people. Nhan Dan newspaper has promoted the tradition of a political and ideological pacesetter on the press front. Nhan Dan newspaper has focused on highlighting the national economic development, stimulating the movement on the production restructure in agriculture, calling for the improvement of competitiveness of Vietnam's goods and businesses, fighting against the bureaucracy, corruption and wastefulness, introducing the great efforts of the entire Party and people in implementing successfully of the socio-economic tasks in 2001 and 2002 as well as the Party building and strengthening, Mr Huynh added. He also reported…... [read more]

Newspapers in Hong Kong praised efforts made by authorised agencies of Vietnam to prevent SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) from spreading, reported resident correspondent of the Vietnam News Agency in Hong Kong. Ta Kung Pao in its article entitled 'Vietnam's success in stopping SARS' said that within a week there was no new patient infected by SARS. The SARS cases in Vietnam were confined to medical workers in the Vietnam-France Hospital. SARS now is yet to spread to the wider community. One of the successes of Vietnam is to isolate infected people and treat them within hospitals. Other hospitals test their patients to discover SARS infected cases. After an American Chinese businessman was discovered as SARS infected with SARS at the Vietnam-France Hospital, this hospital reported this case to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and this organisation sent its experts to study about this rare disease. Sing Tao published on March 27 an article about measures taken by Vietnam's medical authorities to prevent SARS from spreading. The newspaper quoted David Heymann, head of the communicable diseases at WHO as saying that he was satisfied with measures to prevent SARS by Vietnam and Singapore... [read more]

To bring about a proactive shift in information dissemination and the movement of studying Ho Chi Minh Minh thought among Party members, the people, and soldiers. The speech of Mr. Nguyen Khoa Diem(1) at the opening ceremony of the Contest for Excellent Reporters and Disseminators of Ho Chi Minh Thought held in Cong Vi Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. Today, 19 May 2003, is the 113th anniversary of our beloved Uncle Ho's birthday. We are all here to carry out a work of great significance and practicality—to open the Contest for Excellent Reporters and Disseminators of Ho Chi Minh Thought. More importantly, the contest is held in a Party establishment where Uncle Ho lived and worked, and now rests in peace. It helps pave the way for the nationwide Contest of Disseminating Ho Chi Minh Thought. The contest has attracted a vast number of cadres, veteran revolutionaries, students, and youths in the ward. This shows the President's great influence and his close touch with the population; the powerful vitality of Ho Chi Minh Thought always originates from the people, lives among the people, and is supported by the people. On behalf of the Central Board of Ideology and Culture, I warmly welcome the participants of today's contest. I wish you can excellently complete your assignment, and good success to the contest. Dear comrades, President Ho Chi Minh is a great leader of our Party and country, an eminent soldier of the international communist movement, and a world culture celebrity. He…... [read more]

In the morning of 14 June 2003, in the Governmental Office, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai received visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing and other delegates. Welcoming the Chinese delegation headed by Minister Li Zhaoxing, the Prime Minister stressed: the two countries Vietnam and China have a long-standing friendly relationship which has been developed by President Ho Chi Minh and Chinese leaders. Khai also delightedly praised that the bilateral comprehensive friendly cooperation between the two countries is increasingly intensified and promoted. Over the past time, the two countries have gained some considerable achievements in economic field, especially trade, investment and cooperation. They have made great efforts to take proper measures to maintain the growth of commercial turnover, striving to reach US$5 billion in two-way trade by 2005. The Prime Minister hoped a bilateral trade agreement could be signed soon to provide a legal frame for the expansion of commercial ties between the two countries. By implementing the policy on renovation and open door, China has gained many important achievements. The Prime Minister highly appreciated these results and affirmed that China's lessons and experience would be very useful for Vietnam to realize its national industrialization and modernization. He hoped that, in the context of global and regional complicated changes, the two countries could further enhance their close cooperation in a larger scale to realize the principle "good neighborhood, comprehensive cooperation, durable stability and a future-oriented vision" for the mutual benefit of the two peoples and for peace, stability and development in…... [read more]

Dear leaders of the Party, State and Vietnam Fatherland Front, Dear distinguished guests, Dear National Assembly deputies, After a month and a half, in the spirit of intensive work, high sense of responsibility and democracy the third session of the 11th Legislature of the Vietnam National Assembly has come to a close. At this session, the NA discussed and gave more evaluations about the implementation of socio-economic tasks and State budget plan set for 2002; the implementation of socio-economic and State budget plan in early 2003; approved 8 laws; advised on 9 draft laws; guaranteed the rights to inquiry to and the rights to response; discussed and approved the Resolution on exemption and reduction of the tax on the use of agricultural land, the Resolution on the pilot implementation of the organization of management of, providing vocational training and creation of jobs for rehabilitated drug in Ho Chi Minh City and a number of centrally-run cities and provinces. Through discussions and evaluations of the implementation of the socio-economic tasks and State budget plan in 2002 and the implementation of socio-economic tasks and State budge in the first months of 2003, the National Assembly agreed that: In 2002 and the early 2003, despite difficulties and challenges, especially the complicating impacts of the global context, with utmost efforts and determination, the whole Party, the entire people and army, and the authorities and industries at various levels, Vietnam has gained all-sided results in the implementation of socio-economic goals, maintenance of national defence and…... [read more]

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