Vietnam takes preventive measures against bird flu

A delegation of Thai Government officials and doctors and professors of the Tropical Disease Hospital in Hanoi have exchanged experiences in preventing and treating the Type A influenza. During a working session Jan. 28, the two sides informed each other about the epidemic, its spread mechanism and treatment experiences. The most effective measure to eradicate flu in order to prevent the H5N1 avian flu virus from spreading widely, and how to reduce the number of patients and the death rate were discussed. The Thai experts met doctors of the Tropical Disease Hospital, who successfully treated a patient infected with H5N1…... [read more]

Authorities in central Quang Binh province became aware of a serious bird flu outbreak only after media recently uncovered a bird flu death and hundreds of suspected cases in one of the province's communes. Provincial authorities learnt of the outbreak after Thanh Nien newspaper carried a news report on Sunday, March 20 saying that 195 people in Chau Hoa commune had symptoms of the flu after the bird flu killed at least a dozen people in Vietnam since late last year. In addition, two children in the commune fell ill and were taken to a hospital in Dong Hoi town…... [read more]

The World Bank has promised to provide Vietnam US$35 million for strengthening its campaign against bird flu, a Vietnamese health official said Wednesday. Nguyen Huy Nga, head of the Central Preventive Health Department, said the money would be used mainly to improve health workers' capability to diagnose and treat bird flu, and carry out urgent preventive measures in high risk areas. Ten remote and poor provinces would get top priority, he said. A bank delegation is now in Vietnam to survey the bird flu situation. Since December 2003 the disease has spread to almost all parts of Vietnam, killing 39…... [read more]

Vietnam confirmed Monday the 42nd human bird flu death as the government warned bird flu outbreaks have struck Vietnam on a "larger scale" this year than in 2004. A 35-year-old man who died in Hanoi on October 29 had bird flu, bringing the totel deaths of the disease in Vietnam to 42, Deputy Health Minister Trinh Quan Huan said Monday. The man had eaten chicken before contracting the deadly virus three days earlier, Huan said, stressing that people must not eat sick, dead or untested poultry or poultry whose origin is unclear. Local media late last week also reported that…... [read more]

Two American government agencies have allocated US$6 million for Vietnam's fight against bird flu, US Health Secretary Michael said Friday in Hanoi. The Department of Health and Human Services would provide $2.6 million, and the US Agency for International Development, $3.4 million, Leavitt said, adding that the Department of Agriculture would also consider ways to help its Vietnamese counterpart. "This assistance will go for training, supplies, equipment; it will go to develop rapid response teams in Vietnam, village-based surveillance systems, and public information and education campaigns," he said. Leavitt is leading a high-level delegation on a visit to Vietnam from…... [read more]

A 41-year-old woman from Vietnam's northern Hai Phong city has been hospitalized after suspicion that she may have contracted bird flu on March 22, reported health authorities. Vu Thi Hoan from Kien Thuy district was admitted to a local hospital after suffering breathing difficulties and coughing, according to the city's Health Department. Ms. Hoan lives in a bird flu-affected area near a five-member family who had been admitted to the city-based Viet-Tiep Hospital on March 22 with bird flu symptoms. Specimens from the family members are being tested for H5N1. Vietnam's Health Ministry has just confirmed that 28 local people…... [read more]

The H5N6 avian flu strain has been found for the first time in Vietnam in two poultry farms in northern and central Vietnam, the health ministry said Thursday. The virus was detected in a chicken farm in Lang Son Province, which borders China, and a duck farm in Ha Tinh province, according to the Animal Health Department. It was found to be 99 percent similar to the H5N6 avian flu strain that infected a man in China's Sichuan Province, who died after being diagnosed with acute pneumonia early May this year According to health experts, although the H5N6 avian flu…... [read more]

There have been no new cases of bird flu in the nation's poultry stocks for the last two days, announced the Vietnam's Veterinary Department Mar. 15. Earlier on Saturday, Mar. 12, a farm in Hai Phong city was reported to have fowl that showed signs of contracting the virus, which resulted in the culling of 950 chickens. As a result, Vietnam has 21 out of 35 provinces and cities showing no new outbreaks of the epidemic for 21 days. The epidemic free provinces include Ninh Binh, Ha Nam, Ninh Thuan, HCMC, Lam Dong, Quang Binh, Thai Nguyen, Nghe An, Dong…... [read more]

Vietnam registered Monday its fifth bird flu death this year, national health officials said. The victim was an 11-year-old boy from the north province of Ha Nam who died on Friday, the director of the National Hygiene and Epidemiology Institute, Nguyen Tran Hien, told AFP. As of March 11, the World Health Organization had confirmed 371 human cases of H5N1 bird flu worldwide, 235 of which were fatal. The latest fatality would be the 52nd in Vietnam and the 236th worldwide. Officials said last week that a new outbreak of bird flu had also hit another province in the south…... [read more]

Vietnam is set to import an additional 260 million batches of bird flu vaccine to continue vaccinating poultry nationwide, a health animal official said. The plan would bring the total of imported vaccine to 380 million doses, worth about VND100 billion, said Bui Quang Anh, Director of the Health Animal Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. So far, 21 provinces and cities in the country have begun inoculating their poultry and the vaccination would continue in high-risk provinces and cities, he added. No new cases of bird flu were reported in September in Vietnam where the deadly…... [read more]

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