$9 billion Nghi Son refinery ready for operation

On February 28, Nghi Son Refinery Co., Ltd. (NSRP) announced that Nghi Son Petrochemical Refinery (RFR) is ready for production. After more than four months of finalising the pipeline’s quality, NSRP has successfully passed three rounds of inspections and assessments of the overall quality and safety of the entire plant. $9 billion Nghi Son Refinrey is ready for operation This is an important milestone for the project as it can now begin receiving crude oil for processing. The plant is an integrated petrochemical refinery with a capacity of up to 10 million tonnes per year and the most advanced technology in the world. According to NSRP’s deputy general director Dinh Van Ngoc, so far all the technical and mechanical issues of the plant have been handled and its quality is ensured. The NSRP project has triple the construction size than the country’s first refinery, Dung Quat Oil Refinery, and is kitted out with a range of modern technologies which are applied for the first time in Vietnam. In particular, NSRP boasts the most modern and advanced environmental treatment system in the world. NSRP’s leaders and the contractor signed milestone for plant’s operation Currently, NSRP has successfully completed 4,000 safe processes and passed the trial operation of more than 20 million safe hours of operation. The plant will officially manufacture the first Paraxylene product in mid-April 2018 and will produce A95 petrol and diesel oil of EURO 5 quality in May 2018. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Turki Al-Ajmi, NSRP’s general… [Read full story]


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