Really, not in the mood...

Haven’t been able to get interested in writing lately. The heat has been debilitating for one thing and of course nothing has been happening with the house, either.  Songkran came and went but still no workers. There were still more weddings and funerals to go to after the holiday but now things are finally up and running again.

We actually enjoyed our little break in Bangkok and it helped to put the project into perspective. Got to see friends visiting from Hawaii and spend time roaming the shopping malls, going to restaurants and working out at the health club. Except for the heat it feels good to be back in the village again, though.

There were a lot of summer storms while we were gone so the smoke is pretty much gone except for some last minute burning going on right now. It is really too wet to burn much so there is even more smoke coming off the small fires started every evening. Visibility is better however and things are greener so that is a plus. Got to look on the bright side, I guess.

While we were in Bangkok the rest of the family was all up here roaming around the construction site and I’m sure enjoyed talking about it and us. Well if it makes them happy, and we don’t have to be around to listen to it, then I guess it’s all good. We find things from time to time that aren’t quite right or don’t correspond to the blueprints and need to be corrected or changed but we expected that. After all, isn’t that why we are here supervising things to begin with? Not good to be too anal about stuff. Especially here, where the slightest show of emotion can be extremely counter-productive.

Changing the subject, we have a new puppy! The wife’s sister and boyfriend brought us a yellow lab mix all the way from Bangkok. We were a little worried about the resident dogs having him for dinner. He is a little charmer however and after a brief adjustment period has brought out the pack instinct and the parenting hormones in the other dogs.

We have two of the typical half-wild Thai dogs plus an aunt’s dog has decided he doesn’t want to go home and has adopted our family. The three of them act as living chew-toys for the puppy and are remarkably patient. It saves us a lot of work trying to were him down and burn up that excess energy that all puppies have. In fact they do such a good job that he seems to have only two speeds, full on GO and full STOP. 

At two months old he doesn’t make a mess at night and waits until morning to be let out. Most of the time he sits on command and doesn’t make much noise. Just yesterday we took him over to the site and pond. True to breed he headed straight for the water when he got hot. First drinking, then laying in it and finally swimming around, it was a joy to watch.

Since there are so many different packs of dogs around here I keep him on a leash for now when we go outside of the yard. It will be interesting to see who wins in the battle, for control of the puppy, between me, the other dogs and the rest of the family. As you know the locals don’t have much of a reputation as dog lovers so my efforts to train and care for our dogs is seen as another of those eccentric Farang traits.

I am starting to see an awareness in other people who come to our house, that our dogs are different. They look health and are friendly and unafraid of people. They seem surprised at the level of affection shown between us and our dogs. Could be wishful thinking but wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a positive influence on the relationship between humans and animals in our little village? I know it could happen, because my wife was not previously a dog person and was actually afraid because she was bitten when she was younger. Looking at her now, though, you would never guess the way she used to feel.