Back with a whole new story about...

I have been away for a while if you haven’t noticed. Not really away, just trying something new. The house is moving along so there really isn’t much to report. Weather has caused a few delays (while making things cooler and eliminating the need to water the grass) but the roof is starting to take shape and people are beginning to see what it will look like.

Now the question is not “what will it look like?’ but “why does it look like that?”. I’m enjoying this way too much. People here are very simple, conservative, traditional and not prone to trying anything new. I know I should be more sympathetic but, well, it is just down right fun to watch all the angst over our little project. You never know how things will turn out when you start something like this but the wife and I are very happy with what is unfolding. All in all, the lack of drama makes for a boring story though.

Back to where I have been lately. I have posted this blog in a few different places to get a little more exposure and to see if I could elicit a few more comments. Sadly people don’t comment much on blogs, at least not mine, and without feedback one doesn’t know what is of interest and what is not. One of my posting sites has various forums so I decided to see what that was all about.

After creating an identity I threw out a few postings to see what would happen. I tried positive and not so positive threads and found, as expected, that you rack-up bigger numbers with the negative controversial stuff. It didn’t take long to see the appeal. It is almost like I imagine a chat-room to be, having never been to one. You throw out some bait and wait to see if anyone bites. Then you pump it a bit to keep it going. 

The feedback and gratification is much more instantaneous than a blog. It is also much more superficial and less personal. It was easy to bring out the worst in people but surprisingly there was a lot of good out there too. You just have to figure out how to get to it. There are also the people genuinely seeking information and help with a problem. You could say that I am an old dog that keeps trying to learn new tricks. 

Well, I went from a “newbie” to “member” to an “advanced member” in a little more than a week. Who knows maybe I will drop back in sometime when I get bored but for now I think I’ll go back to writing my blog. Maybe nobody will read it or comment but I think I get more out of writing it than I do playing in the forums.

The best part for me was getting people to open up and write something more personal than the typical wisecrack or one liner. Since the personal stories are of more interest to me I think I’ll try and lead by example and continue to share glimpses of my life in a journal form. A blog or journal also seems to better fit the laid back pace of life in a small Northern Thai Village.