Road Trip...Chiang Rai to Bangkok

Door to door, 814 kilometers in 11 hours. I Googled the route to find a back way out of the village without having to go through town. According to my odometer, Google and I only had about a 10 kilometer and one hour difference of opinion. They said 825 @ 12 hours. The five car pileup on Rangsit did bring us to a stop for a while or our time would have been better. We had a few bad spells of rain where we couldn’t see anything and slowed to a crawl with headlights, fog-lights and warning lights on full, to be seen and not hit.

Most of the route was better than I remembered. Last time was maybe 8 years ago. Some stretches of Highway 11 were terrible, however. The concrete is all broken up and they have tried to put a little asphalt into the gaps. The two materials don’t work well together and it seems to make things worse. The big tires helped some on those sections but it was still very rough.

I refuse to drive in the city so the truck is parked until we pack things up to return to the village. It is good to see friends and shop and eat in restaurants and check on the condo. After facials, massage, sauna and jacuzzi at the health club, lots of shopping, a movie in those big recliner chairs at Paragon and visiting friends and family we are starting to tire of the city. The truth is we miss the countryside. We worry about the house and dogs so I’m sure we will be out of here, soon as we can.

We do have a few more things to get done but are making progress. In the midst of all this I have been revisiting “the struggle” and trying a different take on it. With regards to blogging I figure there are 4 basic types of people. Those who read and write blogs, those who read only, those who write only and those who have little or no interest at all in blogs. I fit neatly into the write only category. When people make comments, I will, out of respect and guilt go read their blogs or have a look at their websites.

The truth is I stopped reading anything having to do with Thailand many years ago. There just isn’t anything out there that doesn’t rehash what I already know or have experienced myself. I can’t generate much interest in reruns, so to speak. I guess there are people out there who are stuck in a rut and continue to read about the same thing their whole lives. Like the guy who is fixated on war or a nationalistic view of history and reads and rereads books and articles that support his views. Their are also people who are looking for someone to lead or guide them through life. They often fall victim to unscrupulous gurus and charlatans, who are more than willing to shepherd the sheep of the world.

The challenge for me is to find something of interest that is new to me. Even more difficult for me is to find people who I can respect or find interesting in some way. I don’t fit neatly into any standard group or category of people. As I have stated before, I have no need for or interest in religions, gods, magic or vices. My wife and I are not violent or aggressive, don’t smoke, drink, gamble, swear or compete with others. We are faithful to each other and don’t fight or have fits of anger.

Due to age and experience I do take the mentoring role in our relationship. She has a great deal of freedom and responsibility in our relationship, however, and I take great pride in her accomplishments. She is a great companion and there is still a good portion of lust after 10 years. In comparison most people we meet fall far short. As for lifestyle we probably have more in common with the more religious but find their dependence on their beliefs and evangelical nature a bit tedious.

So why would anyone read my blog? Who would be looking for it to begin with? The answer seems rather obvious when I look at the question, now. So what to do? I find writing this a good mental exercise while living in such a remote location. It is also quite therapeutic and cathartic to write things down and there is a belief that family and friends might have a look from time to time to see what is going on in our lives. There is also, I guess, the hope that one day a kindred spirit might happen upon my ramblings...