Shades of things to come...

Yesterday was a revelation for me. I found myself lounging in my comfy chair, music enhancing my mood, in the middle of my soon to be living room. As my gaze drifted from room to room, window to window and view to view a strange feeling came over me. I thought, “So this is what it’s like.” Surrounded by family, friends and workers I felt strangely patriarchal, perusing the scene around me.

Children rolled on the grassy slope by the pond, sometimes coming in the house to scamper from room to room. I remained undisturbed by their screams of joy, being surrounded as I was in my cocoon of iPod generated bliss. The women cooked and gossiped nearby. The men kept their own company, drinking and boasting in another area. All seemed so happy and content. Though I remained separate I nonetheless felt, a part of and responsible for, all that was unfolding before me.

There was even a makeshift beauty station were by my wife was performing facial makeovers. Mainly giving advice and shaping ungainly eyebrows and the like. No doubt her Hollywood training and experience as a professional makeup artist were lost on them. They seemed to be having fun if their smiles and laughter were any gauge.

Our niece and the contractors children seem to get on well and I can see this relationship continuing on well after the house is completed. Not yet completed the house is already taking on its predetermined role of homestead, sanctuary and gathering place for friends and family.

Strangely I found myself remembering my grandfather who died much too early in my life, and his. He was the patriarch of our family and the dairy farm was the gathering place for all during the summer months. I remember him sitting in his big rocker and the odors that emanated from him and the footstool that held his stash of pipes and pipe tobacco. He lorded over his brood and manor, and things were never the same once he was gone. None of his four sons remained on the farm or took on his mantle. I lost touch with my cousins and uncles and aunts over the years and recent efforts to reestablish contact have not been very successful. I guess in truth we are more of a once a year Christmas Card sort of family. At least have become that over the years.

So here I am building my own homestead. Yesterday truly felt like visions of the past and shades of things come...