What Now ?...

It seems like such a long time ago, I began contemplating a blog. Figured the best way to learn about blogging was just to jump in and get my feet wet. Looking back I had some rather quaint notions about what I was doing, why and for whom. Quite naively I thought it would be read by friends and family. Only a few friends have read any of it, that I know of, and even fewer have commented in any way. Aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, even my brother have all been painfully silent. One aunt said it was “nice” so obviously she didn’t read it or she was attempting to be “nice” in her response.

Don’t know for sure but I suspect that most of my relatives are pretty far Right and Religious in their leanings. Assuming such, it would be hard to expect them to read an entire post let alone the whole blog. In all fairness they most likely will never visit Thailand so have little interest in things so unrelated to their daily lives. I had hoped perhaps that by offering something of myself it might open a door that could lead to further communication. As it stands I am left to assume that when my parents are gone I will find little to connect me to my place of birth.

I knew, when I began, there were far too many people writing about the how, where and how-much aspects of the sex trade in Thailand. There are also those who write about their fascination with the newness and strangeness of a newly discovered culture, commenting on all they see and how odd or peculiar it appears to them. I was hopeful there might just be a few souls out there who were ready to read about Thailand in a slightly different light, without all the sex and touristy stuff. Several of you have been kind enough to read most, if not all of my musings, and even make a comment now and then.

Since we were beginning the house construction at the time it seemed logical to write about the process of building our house in a Northern Thai Village. I tried to make reference to the house in each post but found myself writing about our “life” more than the nuts and bolts of building. Well, now the house is finished, or at least we have taken up residence. Not sure it will ever be “finished” in the eyes of my wife and I’m pretty sure it will remain a work in progress for some time to come. Always something else that could be done.

My life has been transformed and I no longer feel as though I am camping out, at the mercy of the elements. Everything seems to work and things are so comfortable and convenient, that I have less need of the distraction which writing the blog has become. I’m spending much less time online or watching TV. The weather is great and it just seems such a waste to be staring at pixels on a screen. The mind does not shut down, thank goodness, so I continue to come up with topics to write about. Daily events can always be viewed from my slightly skewed perspective and turned into an entry or part there of. Just find it hard to plant my ass in the chair and get it down on paper, so to speak.

Strangely enough I feel I have found a voice, tenor or style that suits me. I had not noticed until an astute individual or two commented on such. It is oddly satisfying when someone makes the effort to peer behind the words in an attempt to know the author. Even more so when thoughts are provoked and memories or experiences are shared. Writing is an egotistical venture by nature. It assumes one has something worth saying, even if only to a few. It is also a good discipline and mental exercise so hope to keep it going and going ...