Life’s little Questions ...

A comment: “I suppose that a wiser man than I once wrote that if we achieve our goals in life too early then maybe we haven't set them high enough.”

That comment was probably a mistake as you have opened the door wide for another of my longwinded, questioning, introspections. So what is too high or too much and what is too low or not enough? Should goals be material or spiritual? Which is worse, the angst of not achieving ones goals in life or the empty feeling left by actually achieving them and not knowing where to go from there? Shouldn’t the goal be, to be free from the need for goals, and constant achievement? Is any one goal, action or achievement any more valuable than any other? Who decides? Who chooses? What is your frame of reference? Are we talking personal, family, village, national, cultural, historical, planetary, evolutionary? When we go the way of the dinosaur, will any of it have made any real difference?

For some the question is simple because their minds are simple. They “know” that there is only black or white, and they have been told which to choose. The blissful joy of the uncluttered mind. No questions, just certainty that one is “right.” Of course it helps if there is a document that one can quote or footnote, to “prove” that one is “right.” To believe all that we see and hear, and to see and hear only what we believe. The wonderful, merry-go-round-world, of circular thought and reasoning. “I believe it because it is the truth and it is the truth because I believe it.”

My scenario was always to ask the following. Assume you already have everything that you could possibly lust after in life. Fame, fortune, power, material possessions, you know, the usual stuff. If that were your base point what then would you want to do with your life? It is similar, I suppose, to the age old question of what would you do if you had six months to live, but without the time constraint.

It was questions like that which lead to my very hedonistic approach to life, without the self-destructive bit that people often throw in for good measure. Beauty, love, pleasure, comfort, sensation, experience, discovery, knowledge, understanding. These are the things that have meaning for me. I want to feel the moon and the stars in the night sky. Bask in the color and vistas at sunset. Feel the trail beneath my feet and later the aching muscles in my legs reminding me of every step I take in life. To wake in the morning and reach over to feel the warm naked source of my greatest pleasure. To love and care for someone else. To have someone to share in all things and care about my well being.

To marvel in the diversity and complexity that surrounds us. To be surrounded by natures bounty and feel no need to compete with it, to kill it, burn it, sell it, own it, or destroy it in any way. To enjoy life and love to the fullest and yet not to fear death. To be content with who I am and what I have, without continually seeking more and more. To allow others to live their own lives, with the freedom to fail or succeed. To rejoice in their triumphs and feel no guilt in their tragedies. To follow no man or teachings or dogma. To blame nothing or no one, and take full responsibility for my actions, both good and bad. I have not always been in this place and know not how long I will dwell here, but right here, right now, I live in a place called contentment.