"what makes the writer tick?"...

In response to Mr. Inquisitor:

Some image caught, some idea thought, something read, something said, something silly or absurd, something simply overheard, something imagined, something real, if it is only in my head, what’s the big deal? Who knows where it will lead? Will it grow and flourish or remain a seed? Will it remain a thought, or find its way to page, for all to read? Will it linger in the ether, never to be found, or immediately appear on your RSS feed? The difference between what comes to mind and what flows to page can be mysterious indeed.

Questions were posed as to this or that, one thing or the other, when in truth the answer could be a simple, yes, to all the above. I love the implication that, at least one of you, think I am a naturally gifted writer. I think it a safe bet, to assume that my personage is far less articulate than my online persona. My wife sometimes jokes in emails to friends, that she lives with Dr. Phil, and I have answers to all her questions. It is clear, however, that only rarely does she desire such pontification, and she would much prefer the CliffsNotes or Readers Digest version. (Short, quick and to the point.)

Whether in a short term or long term relationship it is often better, not to get overly philosophical, academic or theoretical. Got to keep it real, as it were, with the ones we love. So by spewing this stuff on to the page, those around me don’t have to listen to it. The villagers, friends and of course my wife are able to sigh in relief that a burden has been lifted from their ears. Don’t get me wrong. I really believe everything I write, but that doesn’t mean that you need to, or that what you read is what I meant. Such is the nature of the written or even the spoken word.

I’m not obsessed with my writing and only recently have begun to really enjoy it. Living comes first so ideas are allowed to stew for a period of time before the writing begins. I eventually settle into my comfy chair, in front of my massive display and open Pages. With the words spread across the screen I am able to lean back comfortably with mood music oozing forth. The proofreader function and I, have a love-hate relationship, developed over time. I couldn’t live without the spellchecker but I am constantly being told that I am too wordy, archaic or cliche. (Those little green underlines.) Besides trying to make me sound like a suit writing a business proposal it is not smart enough to understand what I meant to write as opposed to what was actually typed. That would be a truly valuable addition. So I am left with poring over things looking for left out words and typos that the machine doesn’t catch.

Having copious amounts of time, as suggested, ideas are refined, edited or deleted as the situation dictates. Occasionally one sitting is enough before a quick copy and paste sends my words to your computer. More often than not, life takes precedent and the page must be left in the dock until some later time. That can ring the death knell for many an idea. You have all been spared many a boring rant as something new has superseded an unfinished project. As usual I don’t know if this will satisfy your desire to know more or simply leave a bad taste or a hunger for more.