Why Blog ... (again) ??? ...

Sorry to return to this theme of, why blog, so often but I am intrigued as to how it has insinuated its way into my life. One kind of expects that writing will glue your butt to a chair, staring at a monster screen, with chill-house mood music, oozing from iTunes. For me, the surprising thing about writing is that it primarily takes place on the trails with my dogs, feeding the fish in the pond, sipping my morning brew or talking things over with my wife. Something will pop into my mind and stick there like one of those advertising ditties. It nags at me and begs to be put on the page.

Then I get to see what you guys latch onto a choose to comment on. Everyone has their own special reading glasses and will tend to fixate on some innocuous side remark and make the whole thing about that. Once I put it out there it belongs to the reader, in a way. I write what I need to write and you read what you want to read. Guess I don’t see anything wrong with that. That is pretty much the way life works. You really have no control over the other guy.

I seem to have lost some readers along the way. Some I may have offended, while others perhaps found something better to do. Others may still be lingering in the shadows waiting for me write something of interest to them. I was surprised by my own reaction to a few people who said they sat down and read my blog from beginning to end. I was quite moved by that. So I guess I’m not as Teflon coated as I thought and I’m still working on whether I’m okay with that or not.

So now in a break with my past, similar to my move to the countryside, I find that writing has subtly and seductively wormed its way into my life. Perhaps unknowingly, more of me is slipping into the subtext and style of these pages than I originally intended. It feels good to write, and if anything I am a hedonist who craves sensation, beauty, comfort and pleasure. Anything that feels this good can’t be all bad and deserves to be explored and expanded if possible.

Your questions and comments, more often than not, provide only the merest hint of your interests and who you are, so I try not to make judgements or assumptions. With the vast majority of you having the same name (anonymous) it makes it harder still to be certain who is returning and how often. There seems to be plenty to write about but I have been toying recently with the idea of accommodating the interests of my readers and putting my ego on the back burner, if only briefly. Maybe it is time for a little more Q & A? I would like to hear from you and know what might be of interest to you. No guaranties of course, that I will be able to or interested in giving you what you want, but it would still be interesting to explore the possibilities.

So, what do you say?