Floods in April !!! ...

Being unable to afford lakeside property, we just let the lake come to us. In the matter of a few hours the other morning, water completely surrounded the house except for the road. Last year in August they said it was the worst flood in 20+ years, but this time was even worse, and in April of all times. Nobody had every seen anything like this in April! Our new concrete road became a gathering and viewing site for the neighbors. A place to gawk and stare, and plan the best place to lay their nets. At least we are high and dry, for the most part. Snakes, lizards, mice, frogs, and millions of bugs and spiders, were all trying to escape the floods.

We had planned to put a wall around our pond next week to keep the fish in but it is too late for that this year. One day the fish were in our pond. The next day they were on someone else’s dinner plate. The pond was indiscernible from the water that engulfed the entire valley. And people think upcountry life is boring!

May be hard to visualize so I’m including a few pictures this time.