Chain of Events ...

Today’s tale is an effort to quench, at least a small part, of one loyal reader’s curiosity.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a young lad of five took his first step down the road to love and adventure. Little did he know, that shy kiss behind the big black car, from the prettiest girl in the kindergarten class, would be but a precursor of a life immersed in the beauty, complexity and wonder of the fairer sex. In the intervening years, before girls once again loomed large in the mind of the young teenager, the memory of that first kiss remained vivid and unfaded.

There was a blond bombshell from the wrong side of the tracks, who welcomed in the exploration of the mysteries of the female form. As fate would have it, the family moved before things went too far or far enough depending on your perspective. The real “first” was a mixed race beauty who became a fixture for about two years. Not long after her departure from the scene there was an even more beautiful mixed race beauty looming on the horizon.

Upon first laying eyes on her, he boldly proclaimed, with the audacity reserved for inexperienced youth, that mark his words she would one day be his. They thought they were the “real thing” and accompanied each other to their senior proms on consecutive years. They shared dreams and plans for the future. The only fear being that perhaps they had found their great love a bit too young.

But, as men are wont to do, the young man filled his time with too many other things. There was university during the day, play rehearsals at night, and part time work for an airline on the weekends. As, is often the case, he was the last one to know, that she had left him. At that age the pain and despair was palpable to the extreme.

Then one day, another momentous turning point in his life. Where to go on his first paid vacation? To the East or to the West? There was still the possibility of study in the West at some point. That led the still twenty year old, to choose Asia. Perks of the job allowed for free air travel through Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines.

It wasn’t until half way through the trip, that the first in a very long pattern of chance encounters, occurred. Standing in line for the flight to Bangkok, conversation with a stranger led to an invitation to stay in a home instead of a hotel. Introductions to people and places instantly created a connection to this mysterious place.

Though that first contact, the “gatekeeper”, soon departed the scene, the pattern of auspicious encounters was often repeated over the years. Here also, was the perfect environment for this young Don Juan to fulfill his destiny, as he saw it. For he was not the rough hewn male, who’s first loyalty was to his mates, and to whom women were a mere outlet or object of conquest. Here was an aficionado in the making, who’s curiosity was only matched by his intuitive understanding of all things amorous, passionate, and tender.

It was not a path of constant joy and ecstasy, as some of the most valuable encounters left scars that were both deep and lasting. Along with love there was loss, intrigue and betrayal. Each new relationship shed light on some dark corner of the human condition, forever expanding the boundaries of both joy and sorrow. One is tempted to tell more of this story but there is too great a chance that things would take a turn toward the tawdry and tasteless. Affairs of the heart are best kept in the realm of wonder, beauty and marvel.