Jamie's Phuket on Google Earth

Phuket as seen on Google Earth

(Updated March 2010) I have (when time allows) been adding placemarks on Google Earth showing where to find the hotels, restaurants, temples, beaches and hills that feature on Jamie's Phuket. I joined the "Google Earth Community" to be able to post on the Google Earth forum which creates a link to the places I have added.

So, if you browse this blog now you will notice that many pages have links to Google Earth - click on the link and what happens is this: If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, then it will open and you'll fly in to Phuket and see the placemarker. You may have a message on screen first asking "Do you wish to open or save this file?" - click Open.

For example, if you are looking at some of the restaurants on this blog and like the look of Kan Eang Seafood, and want to know where it is, just click on the link that says "See location on Google Earth", and you'll see this:

Kan Eang Seafood on Google Earth

If you fancy an evening walk at Bang Wad Reservoir, click the link on that page that says "View Bang Wad reservoir on Google Earth" - and Google Earth will take you there...

Bang Wad reservoir, Phuket on Google Earth

I have added over 80 placemarks so far. There are plenty more to add - if you have a favourite post on the blog and are not sure of the location of the place, do let me know and I will add an Earth placemark. Will get more added anyway as time goes by.

I hope you enjoy surfing some of the pages on Jamie's Phuket and zooming into Phuket with Google Earth! If you don't have Google Earth on your computer - Get it!

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UPDATE 2015 - I tend to add Google Maps much of the time now, rather than Google Earth links. Better.