The Announcement ...

It began as bike rides do, with anticipation, exhilaration and the wind blowing over my face. No one could have known the chain of events that were to be set in motion by this otherwise wonted occurrence. Nearing the end of my ride, I zigged instead of zagged, and found myself on the hilltop, overlooking the ever expanding rubber plantation. Venturing over to talk to the locals, a small shape moved timidly, and caught my attention. When I saw her, my heart skipped a beat.

Returning home I was unable to keep what I had seen to myself. As I suspected, my wife wanted to see for herself. On another day we rode our bikes over for a visit. For my wife, it was love at first sight. We had both been wanting one for a long time but just didn’t feel ready or settled enough to take on the responsibility. As she cast her spell over us, we gathered information as to her origins. Calling the provided cellphone number, we arranged to meet our destiny in a few days.

We are proud to announce a new addition to our family. Unwilling to produce our own or wait 9 months, we took our delivery on her 48th day. Presently she is 54 days old, 5.8 kilos, 30 inches, brown eyes, and a blond bundle of joy. Our little girl came with eyes to melt the hardest heart and lungs that would make Pavarotti proud. At her tender age she already walks, talks, runs and jumps. She has teeth and claws as sharp as razors, a bit of a bladder problem and a noticeable odor, which we of course no longer notice.

She has already contributed to our fiber intake and promises to do more in the future. Like any newborn she is very demanding of our love, attention, patience and time. Sometimes we call her our sweet little Cookie and sometime she is the COOKIE MONSTER. As dutifully proud parents, we take her everywhere to show her off and take countless pictures, slightly out of focus, and email them daily to anyone we have ever met and was foolish enough to give us an email address. Well, not really, but from what we have witnessed, that would seem to be the appropriate behavior for new parents.

Remembering that we already have three young men patrolling our perimeter and terrorizing the locals, why would we want more? We love our boys but we inherited them from others. They are good at guarding but not particularly bright. We have long wanted to make our own selection and get what we really wanted. It has long been clear, that given a choice we both would like to have a Golden Retriever. I have always wanted a big dog and to try my hand at training an obedient companion.

Finally we find our lives situated in such a way, that we can control the living and training environment. With other people around there was no consistency in the limited training given to the other dogs. Cookie is noticeably more intelligent, focused and attentive. During this formative time in her development, I try to be with her as much as possible, and expose her to the wonders of her ever expanding world. We are just doing our best, to be good pack leaders and nurture her development. Will she be the dog of our dreams? Who knows? But finally my unrealized desire for pets has now been appeased after a 35 year hiatus.

As it turns out, she is the perfect anniversary present, and an unequivocal affirmation of our love!