Who Art Thou? ...

When someone asks you, who you are, what do you say? Do you state your nationality, your ethnicity, your religion, your job title, your organizational affiliations, your sex or sexual preference, or your marital status perhaps? What about money, age, appearance, personality, or popularity? Do you include your likes and dislikes while listing your hobbies and interests? Do your accomplishments come to mind or is it more likely to be your dreams or goals that you express? When you are dead and gone, how do you want to be remembered? Do you think anyone will remember? Are you good or bad? Happy or sad? Optimist or pessimist? Honest or dishonest? Dependent or independent?

I know people, who when they laugh and smile, it comes from deep in their soul. While for others it is more of a nervous tick, covering or masking, their awkwardness and confusion. I know a man who suffered two failed marriages. One resulted in his wife walking out and leaving him with the kids. The other resulted in, or from, her staying. Things are not always as they seem. Some tout their children as their proudest achievement, yet others abandon them when they are needed most. Poor judgement from a child and the parent proclaims that the “child” killed the “parent” with disappointment and shattered dreams of being a “good” parent.

Some spend their lives chasing praise, accolades and awards. Nearing the end, those items all sit in boxes gathering dust. Struggling with failing body and mind does one even remember what is in those boxes. Are there perhaps moments of doubt and regret?

While some fear death, I fear not living. To merely exist or accumulate possessions is not a life for me. Often we value or chase the “big” things like fame or fortune. When the true joys and milestones of life are often small intimate moments. Sometimes they are found in the company of family or friends. Other times, in a chance encounter with a stranger or in a quite moment alone, on a mountain top or beach.

How one makes their living or what they choose to spend their earnings on is not within the purview of these pages. It is assumed that if you are here, you are looking beyond the minutia of daily existence and searching for something more. My answers and how I found them are not meant as a roadmap or guidebook to others. If I can stimulate your own search or reinforce what you already believe, be it similar to mine or not, then I shall be well pleased.

As previously stated I write for myself and find my life enriched by it. If it does anything for anyone else, it is merely a serendipitous but gratifying byproduct. Just do your best to discover who you are and what you really want from life. After all we are only here for a limited time and a wasted life is nothing more than a waste.