Recharging My Batteries ...

Take a deep breath. Heartbeat’s elevated. Starting to sweat. Look around, focus on where you are and what you are doing. That’s it, we are finally back on the bike and heading down a familiar trail. Keep your senses about you and soak it all in. Seems like forever since we were out here. Trail, sky, clouds, streams, animals, fields and forest.

Done too often, things take on a monotonous, almost robotic feel. A break in time or change of routine and it all seems new again. These last two weeks have been lived with a singular focus. All energy has been sapped by the needs of our little one. Today the batteries need recharging, so lets try and find that squiggly little line we saw on Google Earth. Looking at the old with new eyes and fresh perspective is not enough today. Lets look at something new, and see what lies around the next bend.

Two hours of hard riding and I have a new loop trail to add to my repertoire. With a little more time to spare, perhaps another hour or so, I can see joining this loop to that loop, creating a monster ride with constantly changing scenery and terrain. Technology as a tool is great, as long as it doesn’t take over your life. I see my toys and tech things (bike, computer, blog, Google Earth, etc.) as aids to living a better life. Extensions and add-ons, that spur me on to do more, not less.

Some find exercise and self-motivation a bit challenging and gravitate to competitions or group events. Perhaps if one is surrounded by enough “noise” in a social setting or listening to the iPod, it is possible to avoid going on that, “journey within”. For me, it is often that journey within, which provides the greatest rewards. Conversing with that inner voice which asks “What the hell are you doing and why?” Exploring the pain and fatigue and relishing ones ability to overcome. Sharing with others provides rewards, too, however. To that end, we have guests arriving tomorrow from New Zealand.

Recently one of my readers dropped by for a chat. I have never met anyone from the online world before, but in this case there was proximity and shared interest in bikes and houses so decided, why not. Perhaps one day soon we will hit the trails together and see how that goes. We are enough different in background and experience, that if we can develop some shared interests, as an anchor, there could be potential.

Conversation seemed not to lag and there were no awkward moments of silence. The only difficulty was breaking things off and getting on with our previous commitments of the day. When one doesn’t have daily interactions with foreigners, the conversation can come gushing out with a measure and urgency that is hard to forestal. Relationships can’t be one-sided or forced, however. That is why they often flounder when time, distance or interests become too divergent. The internet does help one to keep in touch but cannot replace human interaction. Again it is merely a tool to enhance life, not a replacement for living.

Living in such a remote location can be difficult for some, especially for those who don’t speak the language well. My independent nature leads me to prefer my own company much of the time but I’m not against sharing time with other foreigners, if we can find some common ground. Before I leaned on squash and perhaps now it will be my love of the outdoors that will provide that link. I’m feeling renewed after this dissemination of my views and now it is time to get outdoors again.