Blogging Stuff ...

What happened to real people reading blogs, thinking, asking questions or making comments, giving their own views and getting on with their lives? Of late, I have been forced to reject more comments than I approve. I’m getting numerous invitations to this site or that, to increase my (or perhaps their) exposure on the internet.

Are links, hits and page views the only things that count? Gimmicks and tricks to fool the search engines into upping your ranking? Is that what it has come to? No thought, or real people carrying on a conversation, just a numbers game?

Somehow my blog was placed on this Thai Stars list of Thailand Blogs. I lingered happily near the bottom until one day I found my blog elevated to the top of the page. Ever since, the flow of garbage has increased to a flood and the interaction I relish has fallen off to a trickle. Am I naive in my desire to reach my core audience without all the wizardry, of smoke and mirrors?

I have dabbled a bit, signing up for various blog directories. Maybe I’m not sure about who my readers are and how we might be inclined to find each other? Sure my numbers are better than before, but I find myself longing for quality rather than quantity. Perhaps I need to ask a question, again. This time I would like to know “Why do you read this blog?” and “What can I do to make it better for you and reach regular readers, like yourself?”