Village Farang “talks” to the Faithful ...

Faithful readers, that is. You may have noticed some recent changes made to this space. As I learn and my knowledge of blogging grows, every effort will be made to incorporate that which will not excessively distract from my main focus. The written word, and the invitation to examine life’s path and meaning, from my perch here in the Village.

I finally figured out (I know, a little slow out the gate), how to imprison all those messy HTML scripts into one main box. Once again, modified what is written at the top of the page, to reflect where things stand presently. Updated the subscription link and added a Google news reader with a Thailand page.

At a readers chiding, I have incorporated some statistical software that maps out were people are coming from. I find it interesting to zoom in on the map and imagine someone on that street or in that building sitting at their computer, using that particular browser, OS, resolution and reading what, when, how long and how often. Sometimes I even venture a guess as to who you are. From ISP to IP the detail is amazing, at least to me.

The main deviation from the past is the inclusion of a Blog List. This is not a long list of links I have no interest in. These are fellow bloggers who have been regular reads and have taken the time to comment or correspond with Village Farang. For your loyalty, a little payback. It is left to the individual readers to explore these sites or not.

Of course all readers and comments are greatly appreciated, but other than responding to comments I am at a loss, as how to recognize the rest of you. For those who just can’t find the right words, there is now a “star ranking” at the end of each post. Maybe not a good idea, but thought it was worth a try.

I toyed with making the page more visually stimulating and attractive, but most of that doesn’t seem to work well in the flexible-width format that I prefer. Fixed-width pages end up straining my aging eyes as they fill but a portion of my 24 inch screen. I can understand people choosing fixed, and I do have webpages and photo galleries hosted on .mac, in a fixed-width format. It is not my format of choice, however.

I have considered including links to pictures of a more personal nature that encompass a canvas much larger than Thailand itself. As the “Village Farang” I wonder about the relevance and acceptance, of including disparate and unrelated images of my life. So the jury is still out on that one.

Thanks for letting me “talk” to you a little more directly today.