Anyone, Can Scratch an Itch ...

There are abundant sources of news and commentary on the present state of affairs in Thailand.  In this space, there will be no attempt to add to them.  Having lived in Bangkok during many of the previous political upheavals, this all seems so familiar.  My present vantage point feels more akin to another universe, at times.  With the flick of a switch, the outside world is kept at bay.  Little changes, in environs such as mine.  The rhythms of life are anchored in the bedrock of existence, not the machinations of man.

Located in the hinterlands as I am, my view out at the rest of the world, when I do look out, has somehow broadened.  Without a local bias, the entire planet becomes equal in some ways.  Far flung events, all seem of comparable distance and import.  Patterns begin to emerge and one is reminded of the old adage, of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

Surrounded and engaged in the pursuits of our civilized modern age.  Caught up in the competitive race for comparative advantage, covetousness and consumption.  One is not free to discern the boundaries of, or even perhaps, the existence of the “forest”.  Things close at hand, loom large and block our view of the whole.  Each and every day, however, the world is filled with equal measure of wonder and horror.  The only variable being our proximity to said events.

Some will rant and rave at injustice.  Some take up arms, while yet others, throw up their arms in surrender.  Life is complex and for each success or achievement there are untold disappointments, failures and tragedies.  In our tragedies, is often found great compassion and courage.  And so, the story of life evolves in all its variance of form.

Mine is a divergent and uncommon view.  That which drives some to fitful rage, I see as merely an “itch”.  Anyone, can scratch and itch.  Pouring words of outrage and cries of injustice upon the page or blog.  There is perhaps more to be learned by not indulging our reflex to “scratch”.

This may seem counter intuitive to many.  Man’s reflex to scratch can be seen in many examples, but consider if you will, the lesson of fire.  Outraged by the wanton destruction of fire, man has in the past attempted to deny its existence and spread, in the natural world.  The end result being, even larger and more disastrous fires.  Time and again our attempts to control or eliminate one “problem” leads to even greater problems down the road.  We mistakenly believe that ecology, is something that pertains only to distant natural environments and wild animals, and bears no relevance to our political or economic contrivances.  Our ability to manipulate the world around us, seems to compels us, to attempt control over all things.

So sometimes it is best to sit back and observe.  To learn the lessons of time.  Resist the impulse to “scratch”.  Examine the “itch” and our reaction to it.  Realizing that in the vastness of time, a balance will be struck.  Nothing can exist without its opposite.  There can be no day without night and no life without death.