Back to the Beginning (recurrent cycles) ...

The House in the Field, began with the digging of a very big hole.  Roughly one rai in measure and rectangular in outline.  Excavation to a depth of five meters, produced enough earth to raise the adjacent two rai, to a flood protective height of two meters.  With enough leftover earth, for the foundation of a road, from soi to house.  At that time, the house plans were no more than disconnected images and concepts, in my dear wife’s unfathomable mind.  We did have a vague idea, however, that a Sala over the pond, at some point, might be nice. 

With a dry hole and digging equipment on hand, two concrete poles were placed at a guesstimated distance from what we assumed would be our shoreline.  In hindsight a proper foundation should have been put in place as well, but we were still quite green when it came to construction techniques.

The pond came to life during the first rainy season.  It began slowly at first with the rain, followed closely by the release of water from the dam.  Those concrete pilings seem quite out of place standing sentinel over the otherwise featureless surface of the pond.  They seemed to serve little purpose other than as a perch for the occasional bird, looking to poach a fish from the water’s surface.
Two years on and still standing straight and true, a once vague idea is becoming a reality.  Our contractor has found a way to integrate these once lonely uprights into the design of our pavilion.  Concrete foundation, floor and four pillars now seem to float on the surface of the pond.  Today the welders are busily fabricating a structure that will become a roof, over our deck, over our pond.  Of course there will be a few days a year when the deck will disappear below the surface of the water only to reemerge as if born anew.  The recently stocked fish are already accustomed to the new structure and enjoy swimming in and out of the shadows.  Being out over the pond provides a better perspective for viewing the fish as they swarm to the food pellets on the surface of the pond at sunset.

These days the pond is not always a reflective surface, mirroring the evening sky.  The magical cloud formations and sunset pallet of colors are often distorted and disturbed on the surface of the pond.  Somedays it is the delicate circles emanating from points where fish raise up to break the glassy surface that separates water from sky.  Often it is a more violent disruption, brought forth by our furry little friend, Cookie.  She launches herself from pond’s edge, in an apparent attempt to fly across the surface.  Only to be thwarted by gravity as she breaks the surface of the pond, with a tremendous resonance and displacement of water.  The frightened fish seem to jump in synchronicity yet I doubt their emotion mirrors the unbridled joy felt by Cookie as she briefly slips below the surface of the pond.

This should be our last project of the year but one can never be certain.  It seems fitting, however, that the act of construction should end where it all began.  A symbol of the recurrent and cyclical nature of existence.