Blogging Stuff, More Questions ...

I am not a link freak and prefer a lean uncluttered page without adds or flashy bits.  For fun, I do have two different statistical software packages in place.  One is nothing more than a list of countries.  The other is capable of drilling down to the level of city and ISP.  The map zoom feature is quite fun.  That is where the questions begin, however. 

There are obvious limitations to this software.  Sometimes the map location is a specific building or house where other times it is off in the middle of nowhere.  My own location and that of a nearby neighbor is more than 800 kilometers off target.  That is understandable as no doubt the Thai servers are in Bangkok and the local TOT office is simply a bridge to the main center.  It does have me wondering about the validity of some information I get about readers.

Some of my more regular visitors, like Chani, Lloyd and others, standout statistically and are quite obvious as we communicate through comments or email.  There are yet others who remain a mystery.  Texas is a mystery, though I do have relatives there, with San Antonio at the top of the list.  Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Canton, MA., Seattle, Los Angeles, Walnut Creek, High Point, Tallahassee, Council Bluffs, Albany, OR., Bern, Sydney, Kildare, Dublin, Montreal, Saulgauare, and Singapore are some of my top question marks, though there are many others. 

When I see someone reading multiple pages or coming back on a regular basis, I get curious.  Regular readers are of great importance to me.  One time hits are just numbers.  For those who actually read and return, I would like to make every effort to accommodate your interests and perhaps have a conversation.  To that end I invite you to go to my profile page and email me.  That way it can remain more private than the comment page.  Share as little or a much as you feel comfortable with.

I also find the entry and exit pages are sometimes quite interesting and informative.  It shows where people found my link and where they go.  One click led me to a French translation of my site.  I have no idea of its accuracy but it was interesting, non the less, to see my words reproduced in another language.

That’s it for today.  No pretty words or imagery.  Just another blatant attempt to get more feedback.  Thank you for indulging me.