Noticing Changes...

The birds are flying south and I believe we have seen the last colorful sunset of the year.  A haze is settling over the mountains, pushing the nearest views off into the distance, while relegating the distant vistas to another realm and another season.  With the deterioration of air quality and views, comes a welcome drop in temperature and cool dewy mornings, soon to be followed by cold and a heavy fog.

Darkness comes far too early these days as the sun moves south, abandoning our front windows and seeking out the backside of the house.  The recent full moon was made more colorful by the haze but at it highest point still bathed the fields and mountains in its silvery light.

In some valleys they have begun an early harvest.  Around here the Jasmine rice is yellowing and heave with fruit while the sticky rice is still a lush green.  Together they form an interesting patchwork of color in the fields.  Along every soi, are laid out to dry, the thin bamboo strips used to bundle the rice at harvest.  Another sure sign that the seasons are changing.
Pond side, the colorful little Kingfisher has reappeared to join the other birds that make a home here year round.  The hawks are only seldom visible but will no doubt visit more frequently after the rice is harvested and the field mice present themselves for dinner.  There seem to be more birds this year and as our trees grow I am hopeful their numbers will increase further.

Cooler and drier weather makes it easier to traverse the mountain trails, even if the views are diminished.  One simply refocuses on the more intimate minutia that surrounds us.  As the distant world fades from view, that which is near looms much larger.

We are preparing once again to welcome visitors to our home.  Hoping that the weather will be favorable and the beauty of this waning season not completely lost to the haze.  While their stay will be brief, we will do our best to make it memorable.