My Sunset Formula ...

A touch of rain to cleanse the canvas of dust and grime.  Some lingering clouds for contrast and color.  Ideally a reflective surface or perhaps some silhouetted object.  A nice comfy chair and a canine companion or splashing fish.   If you’re lucky, maybe even a flock of birds flying south for the winter.  By all means, come early and stay late. 

The best action comes before the horizon is reached, with a cloud taking center stage, or often long after the star performer has left the building.  Only then are the shy yet dramatic colors, allowed to display their peacock swagger with the preceding glare leaving no room for others on the stage. 

I am drawn by the bands and strands of soft-hued colors.  Often only appearing to the steadfast and loyal, who refrain from rushing headlong for the exit when the headlining main event has vanished from sight.  Fight that urge to be productive and move on hurriedly to the next task.

Being in the midst of much needed chores, one often misses a chance to record a particularly dramatic or colorful event.  That was the case recently but yesterday, feeling under the weather, I took full advantage of my illness to indulge my laziness and take in the sunset without interruption.  Rewards are not exclusively for the fast paced movers and shakers of the world.  Taking the time to turn off the noise and tune-in to the natural world around you, is often the best medicine and reward enough for any man.

If all else fails just wait for the next day to arrive and it may just surprise you with something like this.