A Few of my Favorite Things ...

As I stood in the cool darkness, gazing upon the glow of several fires in the distance, the moon made her dramatic entrance.  Not to be outdone she emulated the color and brightness of the blazes, while bathing the entire valley in her brilliance.  Reportedly much nearer to earth than normal, yet to my untrained eye she seemed no more, nor less, beautiful than normal.  The presence of smoke in the air aided her efforts to monopolize the night sky.  Diffusing her light in such a way as to hide all but the boldest stars and constellations.  Greedily demanding that all eyes focus on her, I too acknowledged her beauty.  Yet I do not miss her when she is gone.  The night sky holds other fascinations on a clear dark night.

I am not a clinger by nature and in turn things do not cling to me.  Things wash over me while leaving not a mark.  All that is left is the knowledge I gained from the experience.  Perhaps this is something inherent in my nature or then again it could be learned from the transient nature of life as I have known it in Thailand.  I have found that people come and go, interest vary and the only constant is change itself.  Having lived in Thailand most of my life, I marvel at the newness of my present situation.  We have been in the house for more than a year now, yet life still feels new.  I am presently in a heightened state of exploration and adventure.  It is hard to control my need to wander and explore, further and further from my home. 

Just this morning, in the still cool air and as the fog lifted, I mounted my motorbike and set off to explore the back roads of my area.  With that need satisfied I find it somehow easier to sit here and write.  Though it does not worry me, I have reflected upon my own reluctance to sit here at the keyboard with some fascination.  I guess it is just another of my interests that ebb and flow, and will perhaps one day leave for good.

Uncharacteristically I have begun to entertain the idea of being a bit more social of late.  In Bangkok my work was quite social and I was always a member of a health club.  Life was quite compartmentalized, however, and though some thought me a social butterfly, I was in truth very private and people only new a part of me, relevant to that place or role.  I don’t believe in forcing relationships and feel there needs to be some common ground other than the fact the people are perhaps foreigners in a foreign land.  Playing a sport was always a good way to meet people who shared something in common.

Living in this village provides less opportunity for spontaneity in ones social relationships with other foreigners.  That is not necessarily a bad thing.  I am not in great need of others company but the same cannot be said of my wife.  She is much more social than I am.  To that end I can see that life might be more pleasant for her, and us for that matter, if we could meet a few more foreign/Thai couples.  Their life experiences stand a better chance of being more similar to our own than most people in the village.  My wife met some lovely Thai friends in my country and still keeps in touch with a few.  Not everyone is so lucky with the group of friends they fall in with, but sometimes that is their own fault.

Not too long ago a reader and resident of the Rai, dropped me a note mentioning several activities he and others enjoy on a regular basis and opined that I might like to take a break from my village life and join in.  He is seemingly involved in several groups and obviously much more extroverted than I.  As gracious as his offer was, I might have been hard pressed to actually fix a time and place for meeting.  As an example of how my life unfolds, imagine this.  I was out on a ride with a friend.  We pulled up at an out of the way place we had never been before.  As we dismounted our bikes I noticed two farangs.  One on the cellphone and the other waiting.  I instantly recognized one of them, as the guy who had written to me, from a picture I had seen on his website.  I introduce myself, to his amazement, and we were able to have a spontaneous first meet.  On a terrace with a beautiful view, we had a brief visit and exchanged phone numbers.  Even that I would have been reluctant to do online.  Call me old fashioned but I prefer to meet face to face and by chance.

Thus ends another pointless post by Village Farang.