My Big Questions and more Pictures...

Truck, motorbike, mountain bike or foot?  Which mode of transport to use today?  Should I stay close to home or venture further afield?  Should I invite a friend or take my wife?  What about the dogs?  Should I take them all for a walk or throw Cookie in the back of the truck and hit the road?  While others struggle with political, economic or airport transportation difficulties, my life questions seem so trivial and inconsequential.

Taking advantage of beautifully cool weather, I have been busy “doing” instead of “writing”.  It has been a good mix, of friends over for Thanksgiving, to time spent in my own company on seductively curvy mountain roads.  Yesterday was an impromptu drive to the largest waterfall in Chiang Rai, with my wife and Cookie.  The late afternoon hike to the falls in the chill of the dark damp forest was exhilarating for one and all.  We even managed to lend a helping hand to a couple of Canadian girls we met on the trail.  Having had such a good time we took another walk today to our local reservoir.

On the weekend I did a solo motorbike circumnavigation of the mountain range directly to the east of us.  Just one of several rides lately but by far the most ambitious to date.  Normally any one of these events would have proven adequate stimulus to wax lyrical and fill the page.  Yet, here I am struggling to produce a few words.  Best I give it up and share some recent photos instead.