Easter Eats

My family doesn't really celebrate Easter anymore, but I spent plenty of time with family and friends over the weekend anyway. Not really in an Easter celebration, just hanging out and eating a lot.

On Saturday afternoon, I drove to Jonesboro, Arkansas (my hometown) to have a picnic with my best friend Sheridan (we've been best friends since junior high, but now she lives in Little Rock ... she was also in Jonesboro visiting her family). Here's Sheridan enjoying a Vegan Bologna Sandwich with Tofutti American Cheese and Mustard:

We picnicked in the huge empty field beside my parent's house. It was a little chilly, but still really fun. Her boyfriend Drew took this picture of Sher and I:

We also had chips and bean dip ... and this awesome Vegan Strawberry Bread Pudding:

It was supposed to be strawberry/rhubarb bread pudding, according to this recipe (click the link to see for yourself). But we couldn't find fresh rhubarb. Didn't really matter though because this was perfect without it.

Even though I'm 28, my parents still give me Easter baskets. Though my dad ordered me a vegan chocolate Easter bunny last month, my parents gave me another Easter gift on Friday — cute new PJs, an iTunes gift card, a Kroger gift card, and this Oster 12-speed blender!!!

My dad read my last post about my stupid old blender and felt sorry for me. Now I can crush ice, make super smoothies, and puree soups! Thanks mama and daddy!

On Sunday, my parents and I stopped by my Granny's house because she'd made a few dishes that she wanted me to test for my cookbook, like this Beans and Greens Soup:

It was comforting and wholesome, and we decided the final recipe would be even better with added diced tomatoes. She also perfected her tasty Vegan Strawberry Pie, another cookbook recipe:

And Granny gave me an Easter basket filled with her home-canned goods — tomatoes, cucumber relish, pickles, green beans, and some garlic from her garden:

Happy Easter!!!