Organic Strawberry Fields Forever

Every year around this time, I start dreaming up all sorts of uses for fresh, juicy strawberries as I anticipate my first batch of hand-picked, organic berries from Windermere Farms. I've been salivating over thoughts of shortcake for weeks now. Thankfully, all my dreaming paid off on Saturday when I dove into this gorgeous Strawberry Shortcake:

You can find the recipe here. The "shortcakes" are actually sweet vegan biscuits topped with sugared strawberries and creamy Soyatoo. Yum, yum!

Stephanie (Poopie Bitch), her husband, and I hand-picked a combined eight pounds of organic berries (I got five pounds, she got three) at Windermere Farms on Saturday morning. Windermere is a small locally-owned farm in Raleigh, a suburb of Memphis. Farmers Frieda and Ken Lansing grow strawberries (and later lima beans and squash) every year, and they're certified organic!

Last night, I used more berries to make this Strawberry Pop from Vegan Soul Kitchen:

I won't divulge Bryant Terry's recipe since it's printed in his cookbook, but it's basically a carbonated, healthy version of strawberry soda! A tall glass of this was super-refreshing in our 80 degree temps!