Sippin' On Some Sorghum Syrup

Ya'll know Three Six Mafia? They're this awesome Memphis crunk rap group that sings "Sippin' On Some Syrup" (but it's pronounced sis-urp). Anyway, they inspired this post's title, which involves a magical breakfast syrup made from sorghum and baking soda.

I made the sorghum syrup for my Sorghum Molasses French Toast:

It's another cookbook recipe. The French toast is a simple vegan version with a hint of cinnamon sweetness. For this batch, I used my go-to bread — Ezekieal 4:9 sprouted grain bread. The real beauty, however, lies in that foamy syrup drizzled over the toast.

When you heat sorghum on low heat with a pinch of baking soda, it gets all foamy and fluffy and delicious. Sorghum isn't available in all parts of the country, but molasses makes a great substitute.

What's the difference? Sorghum is made from a certain type of grass and it's a tad bit lighter in color and milder in flavor than it's darker cousin molasses. Molasses is a byproduct of sugarcane or sugar beet production. Both are high in nutrients (like calcium, potassium, and iron). Southerners often mistakenly refer to both products as "sorghum molasses," but they're a tad bit different. Even so, both make delicious syrup when heated with a little baking soda.