The Chickpea's Southern Sista

I needed to juice up my cookbook's appetizer section (which is currently lacking in content), and I'd been wondering how black-eyed peas would taste in hummus. The answer? Oh my god, awesome! As evidenced by this Black Eyed Pea Garlic Hummus:

It may not look super hot in my shabby Tupperware, but I spooned it in and drizzled it with olive oil and paprika before remembering that I needed to shoot it first. Oh well. I promise it tasted amazing on toasted whole wheat pita triangles.

The recipe is pretty basic. I was going to get all fancy and add stuff like sundried tomatoes or roasted red peppers, but I wanted to sample it plain before adding to it. I was so pleased with the result of the plain garlicky black-eyed pea hummus that I decided to leave it alone. Sometimes simple is better. And to be honest, I liked it better than any chickpea hummus I've ever made.

I served the hummus pita toasts with a large side salad of mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, tomato, snow pea pods, roasted sunflower seeds, soy nuts, and vegan ranch dressing: