Beer for Breakfast!

That's right. This morning's breakfast included a touch of Young's Double Chocolate Stout — in my waffles! When I saw the Chocolate Beer Waffles in my new copy of Vegan Brunch, I knew that would be the first thing I'd try:

Topped with soy whip and organic chocolate syrup, these were almost too sinfully decadent for a weekday breakfast. But then again, I had a much easier time waking up for work this morning knowing what awaited my breakfast plate.

I made a whole batch on Monday night and stuck them in the freezer to re-heat each morning in the toaster. That makes this gourmet breakfast a super-quick morning meal. You can't actually taste the beer, but they're so chocolately and delicious.

Unfortunately, my waffle iron is starting to suck. All my waffles have either stuck to the iron or turned out pretty soggy lately. None of this batch stuck, but they definitely didn't get very crispy. Luckily, the re-toasting takes care of that. It used to be such a great waffle iron, but I guess no cheap appliance can live forever. Don't judge the recipe because I know a better waffle iron would toast these like magic.