Goodies! ... and a Stir-fry

Over a month ago, Mihl of Seitan Is My Motor announced on her blog that I'd won a care package of German vegan booty! And since it had to travel halfway around the world to get to Memphis, I had to be patient. But my long waiting spell was over yesterday when a box of awesomeness arrived at my office. Check it:

Left to right: Marzipan eggs, Grunkern (smoked spelt), Spelt hazelnut biscuits, vegan gummy bears, sourdough extract, sesame brittle, Ricola sea buckthorn candy, semi-sweet chocolate with nut truffle, a multi-fruit bar, and a fruit & nut bar.

Since I prefer to savor things slowly (and since today is raw food make-up day ... more on that in tomorrow's post), I've only opened one thing — the chocolate bar, of course. And wow, is it divine! Thanks so much Mihl! I'm sure I'll be breaking open a few more items when my raw day is over tomorrow!

In other goodie package news, my mom and dad bought me a Mother's Day gift (because I'm the mama of 7 fur babies!). I didn't get a picture, but it included a cute peace sign shirt, a biscuit cutter set, three kinds of Teese, Eco-planet cheddar cheeze crackers, Haribo vegan cola gummies, Stonewall's Jerquee, and SoyGo creamer packets! Thanks mom and dad!

Last night, I threw together this awesome Mock Duck Stir-fry for dinner:

Someone left a can of vegetarian mock duck (made from wheat gluten) at my house after the sushi party. So sauteed some with broccoli, baby bella mushrooms, and garlic. And then, in a stroke of delicious inspiration, I thawed the leftover broth that I'd saved the last time I made the Vietnamese Sandwich from Veganomicon, thickened it with a little cornstarch, and used it as a spicy glaze. Served over udon noodles and garnished with sriracha — perfecto!