A few weeks ago, my friend Stephanie of Poopie Bitch posted a recipe for some scrumptious-lookin' Tamarind Orange Glazed Tofu on her blog. I'd never had tamarind before, but I was curious and I'd been craving some glazed, fried tofu. I finally picked up some tamarind paste at the Asian/Mexican market, so tonight's dinner was Steph's tasty tofu dish:

So, so good ya'll. The tamarind has a taste that I can't even explain, but it perfectly complements the orange and maple flavors in the glaze. Make it. It's good. And easy!

On the side, I created this Caramelized Brussel Pecan Saute for my cookbook:

I'd always roasted my brussel sprouts before, but I'd been dreaming up this sauteed version (with toasty pecans) for some time. My inspiration was a success. These little baby cabbages got all sweet and caramelized in the saute pan, and the crunchy pecans were an awesome addition.