Move Over, Dinty Moore

My omni boyfriend loves that Dinty Moore beef stew in a can, and I seem to remember eating it a time or two when I was a kid. Even though it's got icky beef and loads of fat in it, it always looks kinda good in my boyfriend's soup bowl. I think it's just the creaminess of a stew that I crave, so decided to create a similar vegan version for my cookbook. Enter Seitan Beef Stew:

This photo was taken right after I made it, so it's still a little soupy. I found out today that it thickens considerably in the fridge. I used the ingredient list from a can of Dinty Moore to try and loosely replicate their version, only vegan-style. Plus, I added some dried herbs and local farmer's market kale for a more sophisticated taste (and some healthy greens!).

I know you're not supposed to eat stews in the spring and summer, but I'm not a fan of rules. Stew tastes good all year round, and this was deliciously comforting served with a warm slice of homemade whole wheat sourdough bread.