My Favorite Cookies From the Sixth Grade

When I was little, my best friend Amy's mom made the best after school treats with cornflakes and peanut butter. I was kinda chubby back then, and I'd pop two or three at a time. I didn't really even care for sweets then, but I made an exception for these chewy cornflake (and sometimes she used Cheerios) cookies. I was recently reminded of them when I saw something similar for sale at a backwoods gas station in Middle Tennessee.

Amy has since moved off to Washington (I think that's where she is now...she moves all the time because her husband is in the Navy). But we still talk on Facebook, so I asked for her mom's recipe to include in my cookbook. I made a few changes and came up with these Chewy Peanut Butter Cornflake Balls:

The original recipe called for corn syrup, but Skinny Bitch has turned me off corn syrup of any kind! So I subbed maple syrup. I also had to add extra peanut butter to make the cornflakes stick together. Next time, I'm going to use less cornflakes since this batch was a little crumbly. I promise to share the recipe when I perfect it. But for now, just know that these are awesome if you're into chewy stuff that tastes like a vat of sugary peanut butter.