Raw Food Makeup Day!

I usually always do my one-day raw food cleanse on the first Tuesday of each month, but this month, it got pushed back due to my hectic schedule. Yesterday was the makeup day, and believe it or not, I was actually kind of craving raw foods. I guess my body is used to its monthly detox.

Breakfast was Coconut Pancakes with Blackberry-licious Syrup from Ani's Raw Food Kitchen:

These are pretty much just flattened mounds of flax meal held together with some agave and coconut oil. They didn't really taste like coconut since my Spectrum brand oil doesn't have a coconut flavor, and though I love the taste of flax, these were a little too flax-y. I cut the recipe into fourths and still managed to use 3/4 cup of flax to make these two little cakes. The syrup, however, was awesome — made with frozen blackberries leftover from last summer.

Lunch was Big Ole' Salad with Dill-icious Dressing from One Week Raw:

The lettuce came from the farmer's market, and the dressing was loaded with fresh dill and creamy avocado. The dressing recipe came from a free raw cookzine that you can download here. I downloaded it from Pixiepine Palace awhile back, but this is the first thing I've made from it.

My snack was probably the highlight of this month's raw day — Crudites with Cheddar Cheeze Spread:

This spread also came from One Week Raw, and oh my god, it's delightful! The cheeze is made from cashews, nooch, tahini, rolled oats, and all kinds of other goodness. I could eat this straight from the jar with a spoon (and I actually did just that)!

Dinner was Pizza with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Black Olives, and Fresh Italian Herbs from Ani's Raw Food Kitchen:

For the "crust," I used some of Ani's sunflower bread that I had leftover from last month's raw burgers. It's topped with a sun-dried tomato marinara, Italian herb macadamia nut cheese, veggies, and fresh basil. I know regular black olives aren't raw, and I'm sure Ani intended on people using the special raw kind, but I don't even know where to get those ... so I used regular ones. This was a really tasty, satisfying mostly raw meal.

Finally dessert was Fresh Mango Cobbler from Ani's Raw Food Kitchen:

It has a pecan-based crust, topped with fresh mango and a creamy vanilla syrup that I couldn't stop licking off my spoon. Of course, the best part about raw desserts is that they're actually healthy!