Simple Is Better

Gourmet dishes are impressive and all, but I typically prefer a simple preparation when it comes to showcasing fresh veggies. I picked up some gorgeous broccoli at the farmer's market last week and I finally got a chance to show it off in this dish of Broccoli and Black Beans with Garlic over Brown Rice:

The recipe came from 1,000 Vegetarian Recipes by Carol Gelles, but it's really so simple that I didn't need one. I was just thumbing through cookbooks for some new ideas on what to do with broccoli when I came across that recipe. It's basically sauteed broccoli, black beans, garlic, and vegetable broth. That's it. Once on my plate, I seasoned the dish with a little ponzu (citrus-flavored soy sauce).

I also picked up some fresh local lettuce that came with a few nasturtiums (edible flowers) for garnish:

I'd never eaten a flower before (unless you count a stuffed squash blossom), so this was a new experience. Honestly, the taste blended right in with the lettuce. I couldn't even tell I was eating a flower! And it made my salad really pretty.