Swell Quinoa

When I received my cute little copy of Swell, a vegan cookzine by Swell Vegan, a couple weeks ago, I knew after one glance-through what I'd make first — Coconut Red Bean Quinoa:

Oh yea, this is where it's at. All the couscous-like, protein-filled awesomeness of quinoa combined with luscious coconut milk, kidney beans, and fresh cilantro from my herb garden. It was a magical combination, and I give Swell Vegan five gold stars for this one. If ya'll don't have this zine yet, rush over there and order a copy. It's also filled with 14 other recipes that I can't wait to get around to — like Lemon Zucchini Bread!

Plus, it's super cute! The zine is quarter-page size with a gold emprint designed by Swell Vegan herself. I stole this picture from her website, but hopefully she won't mind.

Though I could have easily doubled the portion on my plate and made this quinoa a one-dish meal, I stuck to the recommended serving size and threw in a few veggie sides for good measure — Sauteed Garlicky Kale and Steamed Sweet Potatoes: