Veggie Thing!

No food pictures tonight, but I do want to urge ya'll to check out the just-launched awesome veggie restaurant food porn picture site, Veggie Thing Lookbook:

I took a screenshot so ya'll could get an idea of what it looks like, but if you haven't already, you must follow the link and explore the whole thing for yourself.

Here's how it works: The kind folks at CitySearch asked a handful of vegan food bloggers (many names you'll probably recognize) and some non-blogging vegans to submit pictures each month of dishes served in restaurants.

The result is a mouth-watering website with always-changing pictures of oh-my-god-get-in-my-mouth eats! Stop by the site and check out my first submission, the world's best Hummus and Falafel Wrap from Pita Wraps in Memphis. And check out everybody else's great food finds. You can even leave comments and rate dishes based on what you like.

In other news, the rawsome Gena over at Choosing Raw is giving away a super-spiffy spiral slicer for all your raw pasta needs. Check it out (I think the deadline is, like, really soon! But I just found out today).

Note to testers: There's a new recipe — for Sorghum Molasses French Toast — on my tester blog.