Bow to the Devil Dog!

I'm about to show ya'll somethin' crazy awesome. And I have Jewbacca of Pain in the Ass Vegan to thank for it all. Behold, my new favorite food — the Diablo Dog:

This monstrosity of a veggie dog dish contains a not one, but two Yves veggie dogs, Amy's vegan chili from a can, nacho Teese sauce, my Granny's homemade dill relish, onions, jalepenos, Frank's red hot, horseradish sauce (made from mixing horseradish with a little vegan mayo), and fake bacon bits. And it's all nestled inside a homemade whole wheat hoagie bun, which I made using HappyVeganFace's Whole Wheat Bun recipe.

Jewbacca's sinfully delicious delicious dog was inspired by an episode of Strangers with Candy, and as a huge Amy Sedaris fan, I think that makes it taste even better. You must make this dog. You won't regret it. For instructions (and a little diablo dog preachin'), check out Jewbacca's step-by-step picture post.

On the side, I knew I'd need something a little more healthy to make up for all the processed, cheezy sin I'd be stuffing into my mouth. So I boiled a little local corn on the cob and covered it in the Garlic-Miso Dressing from Vegan Soul Kitchen:

Another winner from Bryant Terry! This dressing is so much better than butter. In fact, I doubt I'll ever slather Earth Balance on corn again. This recipe is healthier and tastier.

Now, go make yourself a Diablo Dog. You can atone for your transgressions later.