Green Monster Bagels!

Until last night, I'd only made bagels once. And that time, it was pain in the butt. The recipe I'd found online (which I've totally lost now) called for lots of unnecessary steps. I swore I'd never make bagels again — until I saw Isa's simpler recipe in Vegan Brunch:

These were so easy! Just make the dough, let it rise, shape into bagels, boil, and bake. That's all there is to it. I used whole wheat bread flour instead of all-purpose, so mine were more like mini-bagels. But that's okay. It just means I can eat two instead of one!

This morning, I made a Green Monster Bagel, spread with avocado and a dash of salt:

This idea was inspired by Shelby of La Belle Vegan and Emily of Curly Top (who refers to these as Green Monsters). I used half an avocado spread over 4 bagel halves (that's from two small bagels). Thanks to the generous dose of healthy fats and whole grains, I stayed full well past noon (and that never happens!!). As for taste, I think plain avocado tastes a bit like eggs, so this was perfect for breakfast. I'm having the same thing again tomorrow!