Mix My Granola!

A few weeks ago, I was randomly generated (ha!) as the winner in Chocolate-Covered Katie's MixMyGranola giveaway. MixMyGranola is a customized granola-makin' website, where folks can choose any ingredients — like nuts, dried fruits, health powders, and even candy — to go into their crunchy mix. My prize was a $20 gift certificate, so I went on the website, created my own mix, and promptly received this cute tube in the mail:

Twenty bucks will pay for a crap ton of granola extras! Here's what I put in my Coco-Banana Lickety Split Granola (they also let you pick a name and include it on the label) — French vanilla granola, dried strawberries, banana slices, walnuts, chia seeds, Brazil nuts, hemp seeds, organic coco shreds, oatbran flakes, organic quinoa, organic pomegranate powder, hazelnuts, goji berries, dried bing cherries, and dried pineapple.

Each ingredient costs around $1 to $3. As you add items into your cart, the website generates a nutrition label so you always know how many calories, fat, protein, etc. is in your mix. When they ship the granola, the nice folks at MixMyGranola include that nutrition label and ingredient list on the back of the package.

I've been enjoying mine with soymilk for breakfast every morning, and I think I'll definitely be heading back to MixMyGranola.com to order more when I run out!

Note to cookbook testers: I finally posted some more recipes to the tester site — fried squash and boozy beer beans. Check it out!