NKOTB & Vegan Brunch 4-Ever!

On Thursday night, my best friend Sheridan and I (as well as friends Misti and Holley) fulfilled our fifth grade dream by FINALLY seeing the New Kids on the Block perform live. The Fab Five stopped in Memphis on their reunion tour, and Sheridan drove the two hours from her home in Little Rock for the occasion.

The New Kids circa 1986

I do have food to share with you, but first I must tell ya'll about the show. The New Kids sound as awesome as they did back in the Hangin' Tough days of 1988-1989! They performed the perfect mix of old songs (think "Cover Girl," "You Got It (The Right Stuff)," "Please Don't Go Girl," and " Hangin' Tough") and new ones (like "Summertime" and the oh-so-naughty "Full Service"). They wore precious little grey suits for most of the show, but changed into Boston sports jerseys for the "Hangin' Tough" encore. And though they're in their late 30s (Joe) and early 40s (the rest of them), they're still smokin' hot. I think it was the best night of my life so far!

NKOTB Today!

The next day, Sheridan and I wore our NKOTB tee-shirts while we made yummy vegan brunch:

We made the Tofu Benny from Vegan Brunch:

It's marinated, fried tofu stacked atop a juicy heirloom tomato slice and a whole wheat English muffin and covered in the best vegan Hollandaise sauce we've ever tasted. I've made a few variations of Hollandaise from different recipes, but as to be expected, Isa's is the best.

On the side, we made the Diner Home Fries from Vegan Brunch:

The perfect mix of tender and crispy with crunchy blackened onions and green bell pepper. Beats the Waffle House by a million! Speaking of the Waffle House, it's rumored that the New Kids hit up a Waffle House after every show. And we thought about trying to stalk them, but there are so many WF's in Memphis, we didn't know which one they'd choose ... so we went to Beale Street intsead. Oh well!