Sausage Pancake Tacos

Ever seen those Jimmy Dean frozen sausage & pancakes on a stick? Well, even in my meat-eating days, I don't recall ever trying one. But for some weird reason, I got a craving for sausages rolled up in pancakes. Using a couple of Vegan Brunch recipes — Cherry Sage Sausages and Perfect Pancakes — I attempted to create a vegan version of the classic sausage pancake roll-up ... but they look more like Sausage Pancake Tacos:

See? Tacos. I can't even begin to describe how awesome of an idea this was. Isa's Cherry Sage Sausages, made with the classic Julie Hasson steamed gluten sausage method, are amazingly good! And the simple Perfect Pancakes recipe complements these little dudes so well. I made both mini-sized sausages and smaller pancakes to create an easy-to-hold roll-up. I dipped my tacos in heated maple syrup. Mmmm-mmmm.

By the way, I'm entering these in Chocolate-Covered Katie's Pancake Challenge, a vegan food blogger contest challeging folks to create delicious pancakes recipes. At first, the contest was actually for dessert pancakes, but Katie later said savory flapjacks were okay too. There's still a week to get involved, so join up if you haven't already!

Since I made enough sausages and cakes to last all week, I get to eat this meal again and again. Damn, now I can't wait until breakfast....