A Few Meals I Didn't Make

I didn't cook again tonight! I know, right? What's with me lately? I actually went out for sushi (avocado rolls and inari, of course) at Edo's Japanese Restaurant with my buddy/co-worker Shara. But I've got a few photos stashed away that I've snapped recently at Memphis restaurants (no sushi pics ... it was dark in there).

There's a perception that Memphis isn't a very vegan-friendly city, and while we're a far cry from Portland (aka Vegan Mecca), we do have plenty of options. Take for example the Garden Burger at Cafe Eclectic:

Best black bean burger eva! They call it a garden burger, and maybe there are some veggies in there somewhere, but it's mostly chargrilled spicy black beans. I like it that way. It comes with a tasty side of roasted white and sweet taters.

DejaVu Creole Soul Food & Vegetarian Restaurant boasts a large vegan section on their menu. And all of their delicious soul food sides — collards, smothered okra, candied yams — are vegan. One of my new favorite meals at DejaVu is this Mock Chicken Salad Sandwich:

The "chicken" is made from TVP and some other stuff that tastes pretty convincing, but not in a creepy "could it really be meat?" kinda way. This is also served on whole wheat, and the carb conscious (silly people!) can choose to have their mock chicken served atop a bed of greens.

The Hi-Tone Cafe — a hipster rock club by night — morphs into a happenin' brunch spot every Sunday. Though service is sometimes slow, it's worth the wait for this tasty Tofu Scramble Platter:

The scramble is deee-licious, and it's served as roasted asparagus, some damn tasty home fries, and toast.

Chef Bastet, an awesome local herbivore who's started many a vegan venture in Memphis, is currently heading up a vegan lunch delivery service with a rotating daily menu. Every Friday, Bastet's Healthy Meals on Wheels has Pizza Day! Her BBQ Mock Chicken Pizza is the bestest!

I can't even tell you how good this is — fried mock chicken, vegan cheeze, spinach, and chopped carrots atop a homemade personal pan-sized crust. And Bastet's not stingy with the toppings. One personal pan lasts me two meals!

Anyhow, there are way more vegan options in Memphis. I submit at least one dish picture a week to Veggie Thing, an awesome vegan restaurant food pic site, so check that out regularly for more ideas.