Enchiladas for Breakfast?

It's never too early in the day for Mexican food. But it can be a tad too early for spicy habanero pepper salsa. I learned that the hard way with Monday's breakfast — Black Bean Tofu Scramble Enchiladas:

This is another cookbook recipe, though it's not totally Southern. Maybe kinda Tex-Mex-ish. Anyhow, it's one of my favorite breakfasts. I typically use a mild salsa, but on Monday, I accidentally used the super spicy salsa thinking it was roasted tomato salsa. They were the same color!

On Tuesday morning, I made sure to use the mild version and my sensitive morning tummy was much, much happier. Basically, these corn tortillas are stuffed with a Mexican-flavored black bean tofu scramble and Follow Your Heart Nacho cheeze, then topped with salsa and more cheeze.

I make my scramble and grate my cheeze the night before. In the morning, I simply stuff the tortillas and bake to heat (sometimes the FYH cheeze on top melts, sometimes it doesn't ... but the inside cheeze always gets nice and gooey).